Monday, June 18, 2007

Vaji Vaji ...Vaji.. Sivaji

16th was the D-day – the Mr’s bday and also the 1st weekend after the Big BOSS’s movie was released – so all the more special , as it gave the Mr. the “right” opportunity to watch the movie he has been waiting for since about 6 months. Did we 3 have any other choice but to lug along to watch this masala mish-mash that defies any kind of logic that you can ever think of – but always fails to impress audience like no movie ever.

Every time a Rajni movie releases I wonder why audience of all kinds go to see the movie, even if it is just for once. The more intelligent audience would crib after coming out of the theatre but will still land up there the next time his movie releases. Guess one cannot explain the spell this actor holds everybody under.

Tickets were sold at an atrocious price of 16$ and yet the theatre was almost full – for a morning show! I have never seen more than handful of people come to a movie in the mornings in Novi/ Livonia and here was a big queue to just get into the theatre! Thalaiva – un Vazhiye thani vazhiye!

Appa rightly put it – one can buy a ticket and walk into the theatre after the intermission, having read a bit of preview on the internet. The first half almost begins to bore you – when thankfully the intermission sign comes up. The first half shows nothing that is “Rajni” special – it is just an ordinary boy woos girl drama , sprinkled with visually stunning songs and not so-great chords struck by ARR. Vivek dominates the 1st half with his wonderful one-liners and rendition of Rajni-dialogues. Sets by Thotta Tharani are stunning – they make your Jaw drop with amazement.

The 1st song in the movie -Hey Balelakka Balelakka Kaviri is sung by SPB. The tune and music will not fail to remind you of ‘Devuda Devuda’ and the visuals are so reminiscent of ‘Azhagana Rakshashi’ (Mudhalvan) and ‘Konjum Mainakale’ ( Kandukonden Kandukonden) – paintings on the bodies of the side artists, grass that looks greener than it actually is (nice filters have been used), bright costumes and such a huge group of dancers that it took us about 1 minute to even realize that the fairest one in between is Nayantara!

Vaaji Vaaji – is very beautifully pictured. I could not stop but gazing admiring at the beauty and grandeur of the sets and the color of Shriya’s costumes. This is the only song in the movie that I liked.

Sahara pookal – I really cannot understand why at times music directors stick with people like Udit and Sadhana sargam for a song – when they know very well that there are some scales that their voices cannot reach. There is no doubt that Udit is a very accomplished singer – I love many of his songs – but there is a limit to everything. A song that could have been very melodious is reduced to nothing but meaningless shouting by the male singer. I wish they could have made somebody else like Hariharan / KK/ SPB sing this one.

I would rather not even talk of the last song that pictures in the 1st half – “Oru koodai sunlight”. It is best left not discussed.
The second half of the movie is all about Rajni, his gimmicks, his dialogues (though this movie hardly has any of Rajni’s trademark punch dialogues), his looks (the mottai Rajni). He dominates the screen totally. This movie supersedes all his previous ones in the utterly senseless things that this larger than life hero can accomplish – he comes back from death!!! Unbeatable!

The magical creation by some of the biggest names in all spheres of the kollywood industry – Shankar, ARR, Rajnikanth, Vivek, AVM, Thotta Tharani – is good for a one-time watch. And of course Rajni fans are going to love this starry presentation.


Padmaja said...

hey Vidya good review re...i havent heard any of the songs but wud take ur review seriously :-) keep them coming....

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Padmaja - oh! don't go by my review. The MR and a close friend of mine loooooooooooooved the movie and the songs :) Read rediff ! If a Sivaji fan saw my post, he would probably kill me :)

Shiva said...

"Sahara Pookal" was sung by Udit Narayan and Chinmayi