Treks/Hikes/Walks - A Recap - Part 1

    One of the things that we did as a prep for the Uttarakhand trek was to walk in the city over the weekends. We did 3 such walks ~ 13-17km each. On one of these walks, we started recollecting our treks - when did we start and how many have we done. DH suggested M'n'M to write a blog about it. So, I decided to 'steal' the idea - after all I am the one who catalogs all the photos :)     The DH and I have always been active physically I feel. I have recollections of going to the gym in Bloomfield villas almost every day in the evening after work. In fact there is a funny story related to it. While in the gym we would watch TV and based on the ads, every week or two we would be hooked to one eatery - eg. Subway, Burger King etc :)..... If not the gym, we would walk around the apartment complex, or take small walks to the Auburn Hills city center and some parks nearby.      Our first real trek was in the Smokies - a very short yet lovely walk through the woods to the &quo

All good things come to an end - Last part of the trip

    👀👉 - Part 1  && Part 2      Around 3 am in the morning of our last night in the camp, it started to pour! Thunder and lightening resonated for an hour and half in the valley. It was the loudest thunder that I have ever heard in my life. I was sure that we would be drenched in the tent or the tent would fall down because of the heavy wind and downpour. It stopped at about 5 - we manged to doze off till 6.      When my eyes opened, I saw a sheet of white near the opening of the tent and scrambled to get out and we had a surprise! There was a slight sheet of snow all around us in the valley. Some of the mountains near the valley, that had been dry last night were now covered with snow here and there. It was all so beautiful. The skies were a bright blue - the rains seemed to have washed away all the fog of the previous night! Lily was undisturbed - searching for grass beneath the snow.     I waited a long time to take a photo of the sunrise and a time-lapse, but had to give