Friday, June 01, 2007

Stuck in a Rut

Sometimes life gets stuck in a muddy rut and it feels so difficult to just get out of it. That is how I feel when I am at work for the 8.5 hours that I am forced to put in. I had hoped that after my trip from India, I would try to open a new window to let a fresh breath of air that would blow off all the stinky stuff that is wrapped inside my brain, due to near hibernation in these deathly hollows, devoid of any spark of brilliance or creativity; but alas life had something different in the plan that I was so unaware of.

Seconds pass into mintues in agonizing slowness - that is how I pass my hours to freedom. I console myself thinking of the other pleasures of life that I have been granted which probably few others only have - but sometimes that is just now enough.

I want to blog a lot. Everyday I open a few blogs that I really admire and feel why can't i be like them - post new and refreshing stuff daily. Where will all that come when my brain feels like mushy oatmeal cereal with nothing nice in it. It is all covered with thick layers of dirt that hardly lets a new light of idea come out of it.

Oh! God - are you there anywhere listening or rather reading this post? Did I exhaust my pot of luck already? Mera number kab aayega!!!

Phew! What a Frustu post!


Chandrika said...

Vidya, cheer up...I am sailing in the same boat too...

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Thanks Chandrika for understanding. I did not want to write all this trash, but then ... you can understand right? Hope your Good time also comes sooon.

Gomathi Sarma said...

hey sweetie.. 'z up..Cmon - there are better things to worry about than your 8.5 hrs of work.. Your days should not be filled with negative enrgy of these 8.5 hrs.

I was in the same state sometime back - and now i have learned to accept the problems. there is nothing much i cud have done to avoid some problems. Now that there is a problem, i let it flow to the bank on its own and settle down. I try not to open my laptop (of course other than blogging) from friday evening till sunday evening. this gives me a good break. Mondays are disaters but I get prepared for mondays after the eventful break that i have over weekends.

Now that you have ur parents here - enjoy your days and have fun.. there is only one life and you dont want to spend that worrying :)

Cheer up and have a nice day

Subha Srini said...

Hey Vidhya,
Cheer up. Our life has more pleasures .. let us not waste time worrying abt the monotonous work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dear ,

Why do you want to waste the rest 16 hrs of a day worrying about that 8 hrs. Start each day with a smile.Everyday as you as you get up say to yourself that you will smile through out the day and make others smile.Enjoy to the most when you are not at work.We have only one life to live and lets make it happy da !

Inca said...

Hey Vidhya - am sure your 8.5 hrs are better than your offshore days working till 3 am! you can plan weekends in the US. you can even plan few evenings knowing that you can come back after 8.5 hrs. Also in this 8.5 hrs you can do these sitting in your desk
1) Blogs - write and read
2) Browse in general
3) Keep yourself updated on tech - keep a topic to read - even some from wiki. prob a topic a day - even non tech so that you can go back and discuss that with Rajesh.
4) Yoga at your desk - you can sit in your desk and do yoga for 15 min.
5) take a novel and read for 1.2 hr along with your lunch!
yeah they may not be enough - but can deviate from your regular 8.5 hrs of boredom!