Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pillow Mints

Thanks dear friends – for your support and encouraging words in response to my frustu post. I am better now and am looking at the really worthy and nice things that I have in my life and slowly forgetting my pain points. After all that is life na? Not everybody has everything.

Every morning I sent inspirational Good Morning mails to a few friends of mine, but sometimes I think I forget to read them for myself :).

L a colleague of mine got these for me today – Pillow mints. I ate them for the first time in a restaurant here called Rangoli – they place a bowl near the cashier and you can pop a few in your mouth while leaving. Remember those Phantom cigarettes we used to get in India – ages ago – I was mad after them. My parents had a tough time getting me to stop eating them. These mints reminded me of those.

After a long time I saw them again at L’s daughter’s graduation party. I inquired with her about them and she very sweetly got a big packet of them for me. Thought I would share some with you guys… How are they?


Gomathi Sarma said...

Well, you got a packet of pillow mints and you just shared the picture with us (sob..sob..)

Usha said...

they look yummy - like baby soft pillows. Ya please send some over- they look delicious. My address is:.... :)