Thursday, June 21, 2007

'Man Date'

The Mr. listens to radio everyday when he goes to office and often shares some tit-bits from the news or programmes he listens to. The day before after dinner when we four were walking around the apartment when he told us of a new meaning emerging for the word “Man date”. We all know “Mandate” – means ‘a Must’. But did you know “Man date” these days means – two Gay men dating!

Some ways of finding how a meeting between two men is a Man Date(MD), according to the Radio channel.

If two men are walking in a park instead of jogging – it is a MD. If two men are sitting at a bar and there is no beer in front of them or a TV with sports channel on – they are Man-dating!

Gosh! Just imagine the plight of ‘Straight’ Men who have probably been doing some such activity for years together with a Man Friend or Confidiante of their’s! No two men can ever even sit in a public place and discuss a private conversation without a thought running in their minds that they are being branded as Man Date (ers)!

I googled and found this
article . I could not even imagine that simple things as these would ever be interpreted! Poor Men in the USA!

I Dread the day when such meanings are going to be associated with Women too (not that they are already not done). Imagine meeting a friend after years at the airport and not being able to rush and hug her in front of everybody or kissing her cheek in sheer happiness on meeting her! Or not being able to hold hands while walking along a park and sharing the news in our respective lives, without people thinking of us as 'Lesbians' ...

I am stopping any further imagintion. I would rather live in a world ignoring such things - for now atleast.

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Anonymous said...

yesterday on CNN/washington post, there was a news clip about a boy who broke a school rule, by hugging another kid for 15 seconds. So it's men,women and now the days of touch-screens , it's ironical that humans are now encouraged to be touch-me-nots.
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