Monday, August 21, 2006


Groan! It is another Monday. Why does Monday have to tailgate Sunday so close that you don’t even realize that within the blink of an eye the glorious “Sun”day is gone and the “Mundane” Monday is in?

Over the weekend, Rajesh discovered something – which took us back the memory lane to Pre-College days. In those days, when “cable” TV was practically non-existent and all that the “Idiot” box was able to receive was DD, the Sunday morning alarm clock was – Rangoli. Remember that wonderful program of 45 minutes, which later got shortened to 30? I still remember – refusing to wake up until I heard the starting music of Rangoli. Over the years, the anchors changed, the title song changed, the structure of the program changed – but what never changed was the choice of the songs – sweet old numbers, merging into newer ones, and just before the session ended – some snippets of the latest songs – which always left you craving for more. I distinctly remember one or two anchors of this program, names I am not sure – faces I can clearly recall. One of the anchors was the charming and ever-beautiful Hema Malini. Her distinct south Indian accent ringing as she spoke those hindi sentences in between songs, elaborating the situation of the song that is about to come – making you guess feverishly which song is about to be played – so are much a part of the memories associated with Rangoli.

We were listening to “O Saathi Re” from Omkara over the weekend, when Rajesh said why don’t we try to find the video over the net – and showed me this site – This is a cool site where you can play videos/clippings online. Though we did not find this song, we found so many old hindi songs, which lead us to discuss about Rangoli and that made him create our own “Rangoli” program. Starting with a very old hindi song, and a theme so often used in Rangoli – about two lovers, he took me on a musical cruise through “Aaj Unse Pehli mulakat” ( the excitement when you are about to meet your beloved) , “Deewana hua badal” (the happy moments spent with your love), “Are re Are” (Switching over to a song of naya zamana) “Abhi na Jao chod kar”( reluctance to leave your love) , “Tere bina zindagi” (a sad meeting reminding of the missed past) and finally finishing it up with a snippet of naya gaana – Kabhi Alvida na Kehna… With appropriate commentary given in Hema style in between, by Rajesh , I had the most enjoyable breakfast time in ages on a Sunday – with our own “Rangoli”.

A Small snap of the Rangoli we created – though not clear, the memory of it will always be precious!


The Smiling Girl said...

So here I find you!!! Cool yaar..

Rangoli... yes I remmeber that too, but not many memories with it, coz wasnt muchof a TV person then! :)

Gomathi Sarma said...

kewl.. why dont u upload ur rangoli to youtube and share the link. would love to hear the songs myself..