Friday, August 04, 2006

One of Those Blue Days

Today is one of those blue days, where everything and anything seems just too depressing.
Sometimes I feel I complain about just everything. One of my colleagues used to call me "Ms. Polambal". Nobody likes to be criticised, so even I would feel a bit hurt at times to get this title. But then, when I sit and analyze(which i seem to be unnecessarily doing too much), I think - maybe he was right - maybe i do crib a lot.
From the very beginning of my job shift, I have not been utterly too much happy about what I have been doing. Occasionally I have good periods at work, nice work, nicer folks around and a gala time - but as the saying goes "Everything good must come to an end" - when all ends, it crashes - not like the ending note of a nice song - and puts me into an even bigger pit than I was before the "good" started.

I wonder - is it only me or is it that everybody goes thru a similar phase in life? Ups and Downs I mean. How do we handle the downs and still keep our spirits up in the hope for those Ups? I guess, those who have mastered this art, who are triumphant in maintaining a balance in life. And experience also matters. Small trivial things I used to fret about a year or two ago, don't seem to trouble me that much. Maybe a couple of years later, I would not even be worrying about the thing that is depressing me now.

My father always told me, in life priorities keep changing and as they keep changing newer problems will surface and the old problems would seem nothing. He was absolutely true. Just when I think that I have solved one issue and settle down comfortably, another issue pops up - which makes the previous one seem "Dhoosi".

Huh .... definitely a blue-voilet-dark blue-navy blue-gray-a more duller color-day!


Gomathi Sarma said...

Cheer up... the best part of the game is the 'downs' wont last long.. the ups soar higher than the extent to which the downs can down...

But it you can you can decide how much down you want to down. Stand up.. and smile at you.. Look at the mirror and it will return a smile back.. and ur down will disappear

Try it and let me know :)

Vidhya Rajesh said...

You are right! But I think sometimes I am too human, not to get upset about the downs , and to get extra elated when I am in the ups!