Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nothing Much ....

I have been wanting to write something since a long, but not feeling like penning down anything. I have been visiting some other blogs, which I got accidently from someplace.... And was amazed to see just how huge the blog world is.
Most folks are on a regular go at blogging ... daily experiences, feelings, frustrations, happiness ... everything shared with the entire world. On one hand, the prospect of all this getting into the wrong hands is scary - but the on the other and larger hand - it gives a wonderful sense to read about these multitude things. Someday I am feeling blue, I read a piece of article, where somebody has written about a similar bad happening to him/her and I feel slightly comforted ; or when I read a funny incident/post by somebody - i forget my irritation and get back to normal self.
Many a folks have tons of friends on their blog list also ... Why don't any of the friends that I know of blog, or have me on their blog list :(.... I think it is a nice way to meet one another in a blog !.... Mails are of course there, but then who mails these days - hardly anybody!
Chalo, maybe some other time when I really feel like penning down something I will write something more sensible here.

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