Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Musical Times

I love music. When I was in my teens, I would jump at the opportunity when amma-appa would leave for shopping, doctor's visit or some party; turn on the volume of our dear old BPL music system and jump around in joy. Many a times in hostel, when I missed home, felt low, I would put on some soulful, sad song and cry out loud - and after all that loss of saline water - i would feel all the more better. I have always felt that music reflects and assists in strengthening your current mood.

Well, all that peramble was to talk about two of the movie albums that I have been listening to since the past few days - "Kabhi alvida na kehna" and "Omkara". I read on the net quite a bit about the review of these two. Thought I would pen down my thoughts too.

KANK - Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

One person has written that this movie should be re-named as "Kabhi copy na karna". Definitely the tunes of KANH are very much reminiscent of "Kal ho na ho". But then you cannot blame them - the stars are similar, situations where songs are placed are similar , the music directors are the same, the singers are same... and so on. But then does that mean you write it off? No, i feel. The music is still very much nice and pleasant to the hears. And then again, one is always comfortable with what one knows about - most of the times. Just think of how many experiments in music have been a constant success in the past few years ? ARR - the biggest experiment , came - shone for a while - and now is invisible ; whereas the veteran Illayaraja who churns out the soothing similar music is very much in vogue whenever he creates an album.

The title song is almost similar to "Kal ho na ho"... in fact if you close your eyes and listen to Sonu croon ...Kabhi alvida Na ..., you can picture Shah rukh on brooklyn bridge with that silly expression- bordering between a smirk,smile and rooni surat-trying to look mature- look ...

"Its the time to" ...ooops .. is it "Where's the party ..." is a nice rocking disco number, that you will involuntarily tap your foot to and would want to listen when on a long drive. Sure enough it is a chart buster already. I would prefer this to that rasping roar of Himmesh.

Guess these days Shankar mahadevan sings only when he composes ... "Mitwa" reminds you of many of those songs of shankar's that you have always appreciated. Reminds me of how I always felt that Yesudas's voice was so similar in all the hindi songs that he has sung!

The one song that I found very lovely was "Tumhi dekho na" ... though this sounds very familiar , me the sucker for romantic songs - loved to sink into it .... Liberal usage of piano in this song makes it very romantic.

I missed out one - something called "Rock N Roll" - I did not even bother to listen to it twice - a hybrid of "Shava Shava" & "Pretty Women" (though I must admit the former two are favs of mine).


Now this is an entirely new and different thing ... Vishal Bharadwaj and Gulzar are definitely a deadly combination. The last time I heard meaningful lyrics was "Fanaa" - it was at a time that I thought all the meaning in poetry was dead. Omkara is at a very high zenith compared to "Fanaa".

My best is "O Saathi Re" - Lata is called the nightangle of Indian music - But I would say "Make way Lata Ji, here comes a serious competitor" - Shreya Ghoshal - while her lilting in "Piyu bole" entwines a musical note around your heart and refuses to let go, her gentle laughing renderation of "Tere meri atti patti" in this song echoes in your brain for a long time ... Bharadwaj sang ? I did not know it ! Then why the hell has he been silent for so long? His rustic voice, blended with the honey-dewed chords of Shreya - topped with sensible and most romantic lyrics of Gulzar take you a lush green field - just wet with morning dew - a haystack in the middle - two lovers lazing around while playfully teasing each other and feeling on the top of the world!

"Jag Ja Re Gudia" - as opposed to what the lyrics mean - can easily put you off to a peaceful sleep. The lyrical beauty of Gulzar, and the pleasant voice of Sudesh Bhonsle is mellifuous. I love the way the song ends with Sudesh saying , instead of singing "Jag Ja ..."

Sukhwinder takes on the title song "Omkara" and does complete justice to it. Not much was seen / heard of this man after he took the industry by storm with his "Chaiyya Chaiyaa" / "Ramta Jogi"... How can the industry ignore talented voices like his and embrace the coconut scrapper Himmesh...(his voice reminds me of a phrase in Malayalam - Para Porathu cherata orakina polle - meaning, like scrapping the shell of a coconut on a rock).

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has come to step in for the loss of his uncle(Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) in the industry. And proves his mettle with songs like "Lagi Man Ki Laga" (Paap) and "Jiya Dhadak" (Kalyug). He renders this black, deceptive song - "Naino Tag Jaayenge"... The music is engaging and his voice captivating.

The music bit in the album is also worth hearing. Two other songs - I skipped by are the usual "Jhatka Matka" bhojpuri numbers.

All-in-all these two albums provide some beautiful music for the ears!


Hampa said...

Hej I saw this movie.i struggled for tickets and finally got the tickets at symphony... story line is good but too emotional n too much of drama...
Never expected such movie from Karan Johar..
Songs are really good esp, Tumhi dekho na andWhere's the Party tonight..
I also liked Pretty's role..

Vidhya Rajesh said...

Hey! sweetie :)
Sorry for forgetting to mention your name dear.... My mistake and apologies for it ! In touch times ?
Teri himmat ki daath deni padegi ... you went to a theatre to see that 4 hours of bore? Rajesh swore he would never see the movie !!! Yes, i liked the songs too.