Friday, September 30, 2016


..... need not always been something that is evident and can been seen outside... There are many a times where there is a severe chaos in your mind or heart - everything in the outward world is perfect - life is at its peaceful best and attuned perfectly to a rhythm. Everything that signifies happiness is at its top form and yet there is this niggle in you that is stopping you from feeling and being at peace. Sometimes this niggle is a tsunami and the worst one is where you dont know what is the cause. I desperately want to find that rotten train of thought and purge it out, but am not able to do so. I think as I read somewhere it is best to wait and stay put till it ultimately flushes out its own. During these times, the best is to stick to your routine, be an automaton, listen to your favorites, read your favorites, listen to more conversations than talk - for you dont know what might slip out of your lips unthinkingly ... So, just hanging in there for this internal chaos to dissipate.... 

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