Thursday, May 12, 2016

Songs ....

Of late, all posts are about songs right? I just guess it is a phase in life, when something becomes the shining spot in your life. I remember the Mr. telling me how some songs hold a sort of significance in one period of life.

When we were in college and were apart for 5 years before we got married, the Mr. found Ghazals very very appealing - the soul wrenching feeling of poignance in them - made him miss me a lot and stay in that feeling of love for a long time. I don't remember hearing ghazals for the past 5 years at the least - guess he doesn't want that feeling anymore - not with me yelling every three seconds for something he has not done (ha ha !)
I very distinctly remember the cassette that I had recorded for him - with some of my most favourite romantic songs - there was the son "Tu Jahan Jahan chalega" (Mera saaya) - and the Mr. would not hear it for it would bring tears to his eyes. Can't say it would do that now ! (Wink!) (Blogs should have emoticons!!!)

The latest addition to the list of favourites is this song from a movie called Sabarjit Singh - based on a true story - Saalamat. A very soft and romantic number. The lyrics are just too idealically romantic even for the most jaded hearts would sound very meltingly aww....Whoever said that song writing has died was truly wrong. Arijith Singh has become the singer of the moment for the past few years - and I must say there is a certain jadoo in his voice, that takes over your entire senses. No wonder he is the one chosen for all the soft seductive numbers.

Accidentally happened to listen to this absolutely mesmerizing but lost in time number - Azhage Sugame - It is not a very happy number, but nevertheless very very romantic. It talks of the longing two people have for each other and some silly stupid egos stop them from saying it to each other. The singers - Sadhana and Sreenivas have sung it right from the bottom of their heart. 

Songs are such intricate part of our life. No matter what type of music - if you are attuned to rhythm - you can never be alone in life. Any time of the day, any mood you are in - you can just immerse yourself into it and come out rejuvenated. There are even songs to make you cry - for sometimes a very good hard long cry just makes you feel better. 
I thank the maker for giving two pair of sound ears, and that particular gene that makes me appreciate music - my kind of music! and of course how can I not thank YouTube and Saavn. 

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