Thursday, May 19, 2016

Good old bangalore weather

After 3 months of relentless scorching heat,  Bangalore is back to its envied weather condition.  The past week has been absolute bliss - min you only weather wise!
Yesterday night it poured dinos and rhinos. It was such a lovely feeling going to bed listening to the heavy rain. It was so chilly that i brought our thick blankies out. Though right at this moment I am facing the aftermath of that bliss  - you guessed right - terrible roads and choking traffic. Last Sunday we went cycling,  after a break of almost 4 weeks.  The weather just awesome,  I could have cycled forever only if the roads are just as nice and there say not killing smoke from all vehicles around.
It is lovely to be sitting in an auto,  going to work,  with gentle breeze all over me - so what if every 500m I am assailed by the stench of the ever increasing rotting garbage on bangalore roads!!!

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