Monday, May 16, 2016

Arijit Singh - with Live Symphony

Yesterday I attended my first ever live concert of a bollywood singer - Arijit Singh - and this was with live symphony. It was one of the most awesome experiences I have had.

I guess Live Symphony means they make their own music. None of the songs they played / he sang were on the same pace or exact tune  of the original song. Even slow songs were played at a faster tempo. 

The days leading to the concert I was skeptical if it is worth the money we were spending. Each ticket say 2250/-. And that too we were just the silver class - that means from where we sat arijit was barely visible.  On top of that when we realised that we needed to be around an hour early to collect tickets,  I saw quite miffed. But despite the 2 hour or so wait to get seated ( we got the best seats of our class) and around 20 minutes or so of listening 👂 to the chattoo radio jockeys,  once the prodigy singer took stage it was worth every paisa of the money 💵 spent. 

Man the energy he has is awesome.  He sang continuously for 2 hours,  not even pausing in between numbers. He would just blend one song into the next. And not once did his voice falter or change. It was adrenaline pumping time. He took a small break of about 15 minutes and after that he played the piano all the while singing some of his favourite numbers sing by other singers all ranging from oldies to current ones. That was really enthralling.  

They had placed a huge screen quite next to us, so our view was nice. Though i really wished my luck had worked and i had won passes in radio 📻 mirchi contests to be able to sit right in the front. 

After the break,  most of the folks came out to the front of our section came to the front and stated dancing. It was almost like a disco. 

My first concert was an amazing experience. I can't wait for the next one. 
I also realised how lucky that we both have the same tastes and we both could enjoy the concert. 

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