Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Yaari ....

I am hooked on to this song since morning - Yaari. Just cant stop the replay on this. 
Love the way they have strummed the guitar so casually. Amitabh Bachchan rocks! His voice should be captured in something like an inhaler that you can open any minute and drop the music into your ears. Farhaan's 'rough textured' croon as the note hits high is amazing!! 

Reminds me of my college days a lot - especially Inter days and the four years of B.Tech. 

The trips to vizag beach on Scooty with my four dear friends; getting wet in the beach, laughing and caring two hoots about the world, those pizza treats, those meets in R's house and terrace and the dates to watch movies. 

Life at hostel. How slowly we changed from caterpillars to beautiful butterflies over the years, freeing ourselves of inhibitions and drenching completely into pure, unadultered friendship. Those midnight birthday parties, midnight dances in the quadrangle on friendshipday nights, sitting on the CB walls and listening to favourite songs, eight of us squeezing into one auto to go and watch movies, take the late night pass, those maggie nights! 

Ah! those carefree days! I am so glad I have lived all those days to the fullest. Every now and then, when you hear a sad news - personal or otherwise, it makes you realize how every single second that we live is precious - how we should make the best of every moment that has been bestowed to us by god - just how grateful we should be for that every relationship he has given us - small or big. 

What a lovely song to be hearing at the very fag end of the year! When it just energies me to give my very best for the year to come and look into it with lots of enthu - no matter what is thrown at me, I will catch it - and if i do miss it , will dust myself and get ready for the next throw!