Monday, July 06, 2015

Radio One Vaaram

In Sun TV, they used to (not sure if they still have) have this segment where they took a theme and showed movies on the theme every noon for a week, and would call it Vaaram ; eg. Comedy vaaram; Nagesh Vaaram. Similarly this week is like "Radio One Vaaram" for me. 

Radio One is a channel that plays on 94.3 MHZ FM in Bangalore. Every morning and evening when I drive to and back from work, I listen to radio - not only this but two other channels - flipping as when I find something interesting. When I drive back, it is usually the contest time in Radio one and Red Fm channels. So, I tried to call the number or sms or whatsapp the number they give and have never been lucky. 

Last Thursday, I dialed the number for Radio One (as always) and was shocked when I got the line on the third attempt! I had to find the jumbled title of the movie the radio jockey had given the words for. It was easy peasy. The call was recorded at their end and played a while later. I was still driving when the call played, so i recorded it on my cell phone. I won a goodie bag (which I am still to go and collect).

Then the day before (wednesday) while driving to work, was hearing this segment called (Kahan se aaya mera dost) - Prithvi's hindi sucks big time :) - and sms-ed my name to participate, and to my utter shock was called within like 10 minutes (this has NEVER ever happened to me). So, he asks me three questions and tries to guess which state I am from. I won 7000/- gift voucher for beauty services at home for this :) Woohooo!! 

So, got lucky twice in a week - it was indeed a Radio Vaaram for me :)

Today I collected the goodie bag and the voucher. The goodie bag consists of a very nice backpack, a small bat with all RJ signatures on it, a decent cap and an over-sized T-shirt (the material is nice though). The gift voucher is for all sorts of beauty treatments, done at home, at my convenience !! That is awesome :).

Perseverance (at dialing the radio number) works after all ;)