Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Triple Dhamaka!

There are some small trivial things that are associated with your everyday life, which consciously or sub-consciously attribute to your day being good or bad. It could just be anything small or mundane too. 
One such example is this. In my office, there keep a box of biscuits - usually two varieties and one box of some snack. Every morning when I go to fill my bottle with water, I glance at these two boxes. And on a day that I see one or more of my favorites sitting inside it, it just brings a smile on my face and I feel that the day is going to go well. I might be so busy that I might not end up taking any of those, but still it gives a good feeling! So, today is Triple Dhamaka - both the biscuits - Marie and the Parle Hide-n-Seek, and the snack (ribbon pakoda with til seeds in it) are one of my favorites!! Ya! for today.