Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sun Saathiya ...

I am sucker for romantic songs - especially once that have a good beat at the background - Mumbe Va, Vaseegara, Ondra Renda, Paartha Mudhal naale .... The latest to be added to this list is : Sun Saathiya from yet-to-released ABCD - 2.

I have been having this on repeat mode on youtube. To sideline a bit, if you want to play a youtube video on repeat - replace the "youtube" in the URL with "listenonrepeat".
Coming back to the song, I just love the soft sensuous voice of the female singer intercepted beautifully with the gravel voice of Divya Kumar. I think what adds to the beauty of the song is the visual of the song picturization that is stuck in my head. It is not one of those typical love songs that is pictured with the heroine and hero dancing around trees and spectacular locations - it is the background song for a dance practice. And What a dance! I never knew Shradha was so flexible! Love the steps and the grace of the heroine.
Just today it struck me - after having listened to it non-stop for about 2 hours on and off, that the beats of this song actually remind me of Mumbe Va. 
Can't stop listening to this - one more added to my all time favourites - need to post about them some day.

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