Monday, May 25, 2015


The first thing I like about the movie was the red dot on all of the i's. The second thing was the background sitar. It was haunting and very refreshing. In moments which were solemn, the sitar's sound was very soothing and not sad (as it is usually used for).

Piku - is a breath of fresh air admist the cacophony , that is today's cinema. Shod of anything remotely glamorous and at the same time lacking the morose climate that an art film usually brings with it, it tickles your ribs and makes your heart flutter in those small quiet moments and makes you reflect on just how much it relates to your own life.

My friend A said - it is not like your typical movie which starts with "Once upon a time..." and ends with "The end ..". It is like a small piece of daily happenings from somebody's life. And that is so true. There are many parts of the movie that you can so totally relate to.

The story revolves around the constipation problem of the protagonist - Amitabh - who has done a splendid job. I really need to know how they managed to create that bump on his tummy, that never seems to go down - indicating that he has not had a satisfied potty. I laughed my heart out through the entire movie. All the actors did not even have to speak something to make me do so - their expressions and body language was just enough!

Deepika looks so beautiful - makes me wonder why she does crappy, skin showing roles at all. She is indeed an actor who can match Amitabh in acting skills. 
Irrfan (he has a double 'r' - i never knew!) is at his best! His irritation at being thrown in between the father-daughter drama, slowly changes into compassion as he understands the relationship and ends in acceptance.
Maushmi chatterjee is so natural as the bengali who is more concerned with her appearances, nibbling at food and always having a laugh, quibbing with Amitabh giving him back word to word.  

Anupam Roy is another gem that fits perfectly in this bejewelled "potty" seat :). His music is so fresh and in tune with the scenes. I have not been able to stop listening to all the songs - in repeat mode. He has an amazing voice too. Would love to listen more from him in the future. Shreya has only a few lines in the "Journey Song" but they are so beautiful - makes you want to listen to the song only for those few lines. 

Screenplay is amazing. I just love the scenes of benaras - ghats, the calcutta house, the day trip of calcutta that Deepika and Irrfan take. The journey made me want to go on a road trip myself. 

The movie year has started well - I must say - with Home , Piku and ... the next one coming up :)

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