Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jiya Ra Dhak Dhuk

... My Mil cried when she saw this movie and thanked me for sharing this movie with her, for it was one of the best she saw and felt close to her heart, as she felt that it reflected herself a lot. 
Whatever her reasons may have been, the more I listen to the songs of this movie or reflect upon various scenes in the movie, I feel every married woman, who plays the role of a homemaker will see her in some or the other part of the movie.

This song has been playing on my head for sometime now. I dont know how I missed it while listening to the album in the first place. 
Amit Trivedi and Swanand Kirke must share a bond that goes deep to their souls I feel, for having produced such a beautiful, from the depths of your heart, song. Every tiny beat, every tiny dip in the voice, every work just seems to have been made for each other. HATS off to the duo. 

A very simple song that talks of the untold love for the husband and fear of being forgotten by her husband and family. Looking at the video, I also realise just how much justice Sreedevi has given to this song - that small movement where she slow pulls herself close to her sleeping husband, or the uninhibited tears she sheds while putting her son's head away from her lap - reflects the mood of the song so totally. 

The Simple act of waiting up for the husband to return, serve him the food and sit with him while he eats - tugs an emotion in the woman's heart - does it for the man too ? Does he realize the importance of that small event? Or does he brush it off as something that is accepted and has to be done? Men and Women are totally different in how they think of a particular action/act. Sometimes the woman's heart yearns for her loving acts to be acknowledged for the emotion behind it and not for the predictability and normalcy of it.