Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Yaari ....

I am hooked on to this song since morning - Yaari. Just cant stop the replay on this. 
Love the way they have strummed the guitar so casually. Amitabh Bachchan rocks! His voice should be captured in something like an inhaler that you can open any minute and drop the music into your ears. Farhaan's 'rough textured' croon as the note hits high is amazing!! 

Reminds me of my college days a lot - especially Inter days and the four years of B.Tech. 

The trips to vizag beach on Scooty with my four dear friends; getting wet in the beach, laughing and caring two hoots about the world, those pizza treats, those meets in R's house and terrace and the dates to watch movies. 

Life at hostel. How slowly we changed from caterpillars to beautiful butterflies over the years, freeing ourselves of inhibitions and drenching completely into pure, unadultered friendship. Those midnight birthday parties, midnight dances in the quadrangle on friendshipday nights, sitting on the CB walls and listening to favourite songs, eight of us squeezing into one auto to go and watch movies, take the late night pass, those maggie nights! 

Ah! those carefree days! I am so glad I have lived all those days to the fullest. Every now and then, when you hear a sad news - personal or otherwise, it makes you realize how every single second that we live is precious - how we should make the best of every moment that has been bestowed to us by god - just how grateful we should be for that every relationship he has given us - small or big. 

What a lovely song to be hearing at the very fag end of the year! When it just energies me to give my very best for the year to come and look into it with lots of enthu - no matter what is thrown at me, I will catch it - and if i do miss it , will dust myself and get ready for the next throw!


Monday, July 06, 2015

Radio One Vaaram

In Sun TV, they used to (not sure if they still have) have this segment where they took a theme and showed movies on the theme every noon for a week, and would call it Vaaram ; eg. Comedy vaaram; Nagesh Vaaram. Similarly this week is like "Radio One Vaaram" for me. 

Radio One is a channel that plays on 94.3 MHZ FM in Bangalore. Every morning and evening when I drive to and back from work, I listen to radio - not only this but two other channels - flipping as when I find something interesting. When I drive back, it is usually the contest time in Radio one and Red Fm channels. So, I tried to call the number or sms or whatsapp the number they give and have never been lucky. 

Last Thursday, I dialed the number for Radio One (as always) and was shocked when I got the line on the third attempt! I had to find the jumbled title of the movie the radio jockey had given the words for. It was easy peasy. The call was recorded at their end and played a while later. I was still driving when the call played, so i recorded it on my cell phone. I won a goodie bag (which I am still to go and collect).

Then the day before (wednesday) while driving to work, was hearing this segment called (Kahan se aaya mera dost) - Prithvi's hindi sucks big time :) - and sms-ed my name to participate, and to my utter shock was called within like 10 minutes (this has NEVER ever happened to me). So, he asks me three questions and tries to guess which state I am from. I won 7000/- gift voucher for beauty services at home for this :) Woohooo!! 

So, got lucky twice in a week - it was indeed a Radio Vaaram for me :)

Today I collected the goodie bag and the voucher. The goodie bag consists of a very nice backpack, a small bat with all RJ signatures on it, a decent cap and an over-sized T-shirt (the material is nice though). The gift voucher is for all sorts of beauty treatments, done at home, at my convenience !! That is awesome :).

Perseverance (at dialing the radio number) works after all ;)

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Triple Dhamaka!

There are some small trivial things that are associated with your everyday life, which consciously or sub-consciously attribute to your day being good or bad. It could just be anything small or mundane too. 
One such example is this. In my office, there keep a box of biscuits - usually two varieties and one box of some snack. Every morning when I go to fill my bottle with water, I glance at these two boxes. And on a day that I see one or more of my favorites sitting inside it, it just brings a smile on my face and I feel that the day is going to go well. I might be so busy that I might not end up taking any of those, but still it gives a good feeling! So, today is Triple Dhamaka - both the biscuits - Marie and the Parle Hide-n-Seek, and the snack (ribbon pakoda with til seeds in it) are one of my favorites!! Ya! for today. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sun Saathiya ...

I am sucker for romantic songs - especially once that have a good beat at the background - Mumbe Va, Vaseegara, Ondra Renda, Paartha Mudhal naale .... The latest to be added to this list is : Sun Saathiya from yet-to-released ABCD - 2.

I have been having this on repeat mode on youtube. To sideline a bit, if you want to play a youtube video on repeat - replace the "youtube" in the URL with "listenonrepeat".
Coming back to the song, I just love the soft sensuous voice of the female singer intercepted beautifully with the gravel voice of Divya Kumar. I think what adds to the beauty of the song is the visual of the song picturization that is stuck in my head. It is not one of those typical love songs that is pictured with the heroine and hero dancing around trees and spectacular locations - it is the background song for a dance practice. And What a dance! I never knew Shradha was so flexible! Love the steps and the grace of the heroine.
Just today it struck me - after having listened to it non-stop for about 2 hours on and off, that the beats of this song actually remind me of Mumbe Va. 
Can't stop listening to this - one more added to my all time favourites - need to post about them some day.

Monday, May 25, 2015


The first thing I like about the movie was the red dot on all of the i's. The second thing was the background sitar. It was haunting and very refreshing. In moments which were solemn, the sitar's sound was very soothing and not sad (as it is usually used for).

Piku - is a breath of fresh air admist the cacophony , that is today's cinema. Shod of anything remotely glamorous and at the same time lacking the morose climate that an art film usually brings with it, it tickles your ribs and makes your heart flutter in those small quiet moments and makes you reflect on just how much it relates to your own life.

My friend A said - it is not like your typical movie which starts with "Once upon a time..." and ends with "The end ..". It is like a small piece of daily happenings from somebody's life. And that is so true. There are many parts of the movie that you can so totally relate to.

The story revolves around the constipation problem of the protagonist - Amitabh - who has done a splendid job. I really need to know how they managed to create that bump on his tummy, that never seems to go down - indicating that he has not had a satisfied potty. I laughed my heart out through the entire movie. All the actors did not even have to speak something to make me do so - their expressions and body language was just enough!

Deepika looks so beautiful - makes me wonder why she does crappy, skin showing roles at all. She is indeed an actor who can match Amitabh in acting skills. 
Irrfan (he has a double 'r' - i never knew!) is at his best! His irritation at being thrown in between the father-daughter drama, slowly changes into compassion as he understands the relationship and ends in acceptance.
Maushmi chatterjee is so natural as the bengali who is more concerned with her appearances, nibbling at food and always having a laugh, quibbing with Amitabh giving him back word to word.  

Anupam Roy is another gem that fits perfectly in this bejewelled "potty" seat :). His music is so fresh and in tune with the scenes. I have not been able to stop listening to all the songs - in repeat mode. He has an amazing voice too. Would love to listen more from him in the future. Shreya has only a few lines in the "Journey Song" but they are so beautiful - makes you want to listen to the song only for those few lines. 

Screenplay is amazing. I just love the scenes of benaras - ghats, the calcutta house, the day trip of calcutta that Deepika and Irrfan take. The journey made me want to go on a road trip myself. 

The movie year has started well - I must say - with Home , Piku and ... the next one coming up :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jiya Ra Dhak Dhuk

... My Mil cried when she saw this movie and thanked me for sharing this movie with her, for it was one of the best she saw and felt close to her heart, as she felt that it reflected herself a lot. 
Whatever her reasons may have been, the more I listen to the songs of this movie or reflect upon various scenes in the movie, I feel every married woman, who plays the role of a homemaker will see her in some or the other part of the movie.

This song has been playing on my head for sometime now. I dont know how I missed it while listening to the album in the first place. 
Amit Trivedi and Swanand Kirke must share a bond that goes deep to their souls I feel, for having produced such a beautiful, from the depths of your heart, song. Every tiny beat, every tiny dip in the voice, every work just seems to have been made for each other. HATS off to the duo. 

A very simple song that talks of the untold love for the husband and fear of being forgotten by her husband and family. Looking at the video, I also realise just how much justice Sreedevi has given to this song - that small movement where she slow pulls herself close to her sleeping husband, or the uninhibited tears she sheds while putting her son's head away from her lap - reflects the mood of the song so totally. 

The Simple act of waiting up for the husband to return, serve him the food and sit with him while he eats - tugs an emotion in the woman's heart - does it for the man too ? Does he realize the importance of that small event? Or does he brush it off as something that is accepted and has to be done? Men and Women are totally different in how they think of a particular action/act. Sometimes the woman's heart yearns for her loving acts to be acknowledged for the emotion behind it and not for the predictability and normalcy of it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Currently on Replay

Often this happens. There is one song that gets stuck in the "replay" mode on whatever I am listening music on. This time it is this song - "Innum Konjam Neram" from Maryan.

Oooh! this song is giving me goosebumps. It is so romantic oooooh! 
Vijay Prakash and Sweta Mohan have given such a beautiful voice over - soft, endearing, alluring and oh! so romantic!
Listening to this song and watching the visual, I even found the normally revolting Dhanush slightly looking good. That is the power of the composer and the singers. It is almost as if they both have really felt the mood and sung in their own lives! 
"Innum Konajm Neram" .... plays on and on .. till I get bored - or change it just for the heck. 
Whatever may it be, this one definitely gets added to my all time favourites.