Monday, December 29, 2014


The end of the year always brings cheer and joy and of course less work at office. We utilized this to the maximum by watching 2 movies on week days and that too an evening show! PK and The Hobbit - Battle of 5 armies.

The latter was , as is any hobbit or LOTR movie, mind blowing - though I preferred Part 2 of The Hobbit to Part 3. Part 3 seemed unnecessarily dragged - more like made just to make the trilogy. And the whole movie is quite gore - nothing but war and death - which generally does not sit well with me.

Now the former - is the best treat for eyes and ears that could have happened in 2014. PK - I saw this movie twice within the span of 8 days and i must say, I did not get bored for a single second the second time too!
A delightful comedy which has you in tears of joy all through the first half and makes you ponder on the blind faiths that we hold in the second half. 
Seeing the movie just makes you wish that Raju Hirani would make movies more often. After a dry spell of meaningless, sleazy movies comes a very clean entertaining movie that touches your heart and challenges your brain. 
There is no doubt that Aamir Khan is one gem of an actor. Not for a second you would feel that he is "acting". Rather it feels that there is really a live person called PK, who you probably would bump into in the streets, were he to be roaming around in your area. He breathes so much life into the character.
Anushka Sharma has done very good justice to her role. If only she did not get that lip-job done, it would have been pleasant to watch her in all those close-up shots. Sushant appears like a whiff of perfume, which makes you want to know the brand and own it. If only he had a longer role. 
Saurabh Shukla and Boman Irani have blended into the drama as if they were woven right into the fabric of the story. 
Hours after we saw the movie, we were remembering parts of it and rolling over the floor in laughter - like the scene where he tries to "fix" the spoilt fashion of the barber, or where he goes and asks the shop keeper if the battery on the "god" needs to be replaced. 
Last but not the least is the soul-tearing song "bhagwan" sung by Sonu Nigam. A Perfect mix of the scenes and the melt-your-heart voice of Sonu makes those 5 minutes an ultimate time in the movie.
All in all a (P)erfect (K)losure to the year 2014! PK - bin peeye nashe mein daal dete ho!

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