Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Breakfast on Wheels

About 4 months ago, DH got me my cycle - or should I call it Bike to be more posh :). He got bitten by the cycling bug in Feb and in April convinced me to sink some green bucks and buy one for myself too. I still remember the evening we got the cycle - a Scott Sportster Hybrid bike.

I rode the cycle back from the shop - a 7km ride at about 7:30pm evening in the evening. I had mixed feelings - I was feeling quite exhilarated riding a bicycle again after nearly 14 years and at the same time apprehensive on having sunk so much money into something which I may never use. I was also so conscious of all the riding gear i was wearing (which was just a helmet and some gloves of course). The one thing that has stayed the same way ever since that day I rode the bike to today is the "pain in the butt" - LITERALLY!!! Today 7 kms seems a jujubee !! Thanks to the persistence of DH, I have been riding almost every weekend (one day) without fail and sometimes - very rarely during week days mornings. Couple of weekends ago, we decided to explore some famous eateries in the city on our weekend morning trips - and thus the breakfast on wheels. Two weekends ago we rode to Malleswaram. It was a wonderful morning - as are all bangalore mornings (except the two or three summer months). The route we took - Screen Shot 2014 08 12 at 10 59 29 AM Riding on the 16th cross road was fun. First was the road itself - you could miss the road very easily from 2nd Main as it comes almost immediately after you turn into 2nd Main. Second was the steep slope towards Sampige road! I was panting like a dog after reaching the top much to the amusement of an aunty. Just as we turned right on Margosa road, we reached our destination - a tiny but crowded nondescript shop tucked away on the side of the road - Veena stores - which serves the yummiest and softest idlis I have ever tasted - yeah better than Murugan Idlis (conceded the world's largest fan of Murugan Idli - DH). IMG 20140802 073951772 HDR Hot and Soft idlis are served on a small Leaf plate with spicy coconut chutney. There is no place to sit and eat. People just stand on the footpath(almost non-existent) and devour this marvelous snack and drown it down with a tiny cup of yummy coffee! The vadas are also exquisite, crisp but not oily (that according to the DH is an oxymoron). IMG 20140802 073439428 After having satisfied one-tenth of my appetite, we rolled down the road. It reminded me so much of my beloved Arya Gowda road - shops on either side of the tree lined narrow road - fully occupied with people , buses, cars, cycles and autos even at the hour of 7:30 am on a weekend. Just opposite the Malleswaram playground, is the CTR - which was our next destination. If you are driving a tad too fast, it is easy to miss it out as the CTR is written in very small 'font' on the old fading building. A small cosy eat-out - I cannot bring myself to call it a restaurant - boasts the typical morning breakfast menu found almost in any other restaurant - but serves the yummiest melt-in-mouth benne dosas. According to the DH, it is fried in butter. Whatever - it is a MUST-EAT-ONCE dish! Having shared just one measly small bene dosa - this is the bane of having a health too-conscious husband, we trudged backwards home, waving to fellow cyclers (as is the norm, so I have learnt). The next time the DH cribs - "Malleswaram aa - so faar!" when I ask him to come for shopping, he is getting socked :)

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