Saturday, August 09, 2014

After a long time ...

.... the heart is full of joy and music and all thanks to little ones who filled my ears and soul with music for an hour and half .. I am so glad I took the decision to make it to the last show of this season despite "no-no"s from the DH and amma - the traffic will be so heavy, it is a saturday evening !! ; ah! when concerts were a stone's throw away from home, you never attended, why this sudden interest -- blah blah blah .. The show was divine!!! 
I forgot the number of times my eyes were filled with tears of joy and the number of times I felt goosebumps all over. My feet would just not stop beating to the rhythm and the smile on my face would just not fade. Ah! those blessed divine little souls - what magic in their voice, what innocence in their eyes and smiles, what resilience in their bodies!!! 
Well, I guess the fact that i opened this blog and wrote a post itself probably shows the extent to which i was moved. I was and am lost, in a world that is just and only made of mundane stuff (not that mundane stuff is bad) - but yes that "me" was missing , totally covered under piles of never ever giant, medium, tiny, teensy, specky works that never ever end (well there is zillions more on the to-do list and it is 10:30 PM and I can hear wails of amma come to bed .. and so on) but still I just HAD to stop by and jot this muse of mine. Just this once the flow wont stop. Oh! i wish i could write more but sigh! being a mom is just never ever easy !! 
BTW, I did stick the ticket in my book of "treasured memories" too. Ah! Vidhya I am so proud of you!

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