Monday, December 29, 2014


The end of the year always brings cheer and joy and of course less work at office. We utilized this to the maximum by watching 2 movies on week days and that too an evening show! PK and The Hobbit - Battle of 5 armies.

The latter was , as is any hobbit or LOTR movie, mind blowing - though I preferred Part 2 of The Hobbit to Part 3. Part 3 seemed unnecessarily dragged - more like made just to make the trilogy. And the whole movie is quite gore - nothing but war and death - which generally does not sit well with me.

Now the former - is the best treat for eyes and ears that could have happened in 2014. PK - I saw this movie twice within the span of 8 days and i must say, I did not get bored for a single second the second time too!
A delightful comedy which has you in tears of joy all through the first half and makes you ponder on the blind faiths that we hold in the second half. 
Seeing the movie just makes you wish that Raju Hirani would make movies more often. After a dry spell of meaningless, sleazy movies comes a very clean entertaining movie that touches your heart and challenges your brain. 
There is no doubt that Aamir Khan is one gem of an actor. Not for a second you would feel that he is "acting". Rather it feels that there is really a live person called PK, who you probably would bump into in the streets, were he to be roaming around in your area. He breathes so much life into the character.
Anushka Sharma has done very good justice to her role. If only she did not get that lip-job done, it would have been pleasant to watch her in all those close-up shots. Sushant appears like a whiff of perfume, which makes you want to know the brand and own it. If only he had a longer role. 
Saurabh Shukla and Boman Irani have blended into the drama as if they were woven right into the fabric of the story. 
Hours after we saw the movie, we were remembering parts of it and rolling over the floor in laughter - like the scene where he tries to "fix" the spoilt fashion of the barber, or where he goes and asks the shop keeper if the battery on the "god" needs to be replaced. 
Last but not the least is the soul-tearing song "bhagwan" sung by Sonu Nigam. A Perfect mix of the scenes and the melt-your-heart voice of Sonu makes those 5 minutes an ultimate time in the movie.
All in all a (P)erfect (K)losure to the year 2014! PK - bin peeye nashe mein daal dete ho!

Monday, December 15, 2014


7 Years later amma and me went to see a movie in the theatre together - Lingaa. And what a treat it was ! Could we leave behind the biggest Rajni fan in our house - of course not! While appa kindly obliged to baby-sit the girls instead of getting a headache watching the 3 hour debacle , the trio of amma-me-and the Mr. went and enjoyed the movie. 
There are zillions of reviews about the movie. This is not one, but is only my views on the movie.
I totally agree with what most of the reviews have unanimously agreed on - the movie is out and an out Rajni show and my what a SHOW!. He has single handedly handled the movie absolutely with ease. If you thought , he looked young in Sivaji - think again - in Linga not a single screen which shows that he is 65!!! He looks easily a man in 30s only! Credit not only goes to the make-up artist but the star himself, who has acted with full vigour of a middle aged man. While Ambitabh's age shows up with grace in every movie he acts and he looks ridiculously old when he tries to romance a heroine less than half his age, Thalaivaa oozes charm in every screen he shares with the heroine. Hats off to the magic he weaves!
Comedy by Santhanam is rib-cracking. His comedy timing and dialogue delivery are just too good. One really wonders what was the necessity to include Bramhanandam for such a short and insignificant role. 
Both the heroines have done good justice to their role - Anushka Shetty have more of an edge in terms of the necessity of her role than Sonakshi. Sonakshi's role seems to be more like a unwanted intrusion only to provide a heroine for Raja lingeshwar, but she lights up the screen in every scene she is in. After having seen her in this role/makeup, i feel this kind of a village belle suits her much better than some of her more glamourous roles in bollywood.
Photography is amazing and seeing the movie on a big screen is indeed a visual treat for the eyes. ARR - as always churns out the best foot tapping music for Rajni, I feel. His music grows on you and even senseless songs like "Mona Mona Gasolina' become very likable. The best song I felt was sung by the Maestro himself "Indiane va" ... lovely lyrics, lovely music. lovely visuals and lovely voice. 
Rajni squeezes out all the sympathy you can ever have in his role as the Mr.Perfect-who-can-never-exist-in-real-life Raja Lingeswara. Even the toughest will shed one tear or two when he , who has sacrificed all for the village, is outcasted!!! If it is not Rajni, the background song (by Haricharan - another beautiful number) is sure to do the trick.
Last but not the least, some of the scenes are ridiculously 'Rajni'stic - made purely for the glee of Rajni fans - like the fight scene on the train or the climax. But you have take everything with a pinch of salt right, so you should laugh your way through these scenes instead of debating about the illogical happenings. After all , Rajni is the one who defies all logic !!!
All in all had a wonderful time with a tamizh movie after ages. 

Monday, September 08, 2014

Slowly The Generation Dies..

It has been an emotionally taxing couple of years. So many deaths in the family - very close relatives. It almost feels as if one part of my life has just gone away. All those times spent with them are just left as memories recorded in my brain. The heart feels heavy when it realizes that they were just taken away too soon - way too soon. May God rest their soul in peace and may they shower their wisdom upon me in their own way and guide me through life with their experience. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Breakfast on Wheels

About 4 months ago, DH got me my cycle - or should I call it Bike to be more posh :). He got bitten by the cycling bug in Feb and in April convinced me to sink some green bucks and buy one for myself too. I still remember the evening we got the cycle - a Scott Sportster Hybrid bike.

I rode the cycle back from the shop - a 7km ride at about 7:30pm evening in the evening. I had mixed feelings - I was feeling quite exhilarated riding a bicycle again after nearly 14 years and at the same time apprehensive on having sunk so much money into something which I may never use. I was also so conscious of all the riding gear i was wearing (which was just a helmet and some gloves of course). The one thing that has stayed the same way ever since that day I rode the bike to today is the "pain in the butt" - LITERALLY!!! Today 7 kms seems a jujubee !! Thanks to the persistence of DH, I have been riding almost every weekend (one day) without fail and sometimes - very rarely during week days mornings. Couple of weekends ago, we decided to explore some famous eateries in the city on our weekend morning trips - and thus the breakfast on wheels. Two weekends ago we rode to Malleswaram. It was a wonderful morning - as are all bangalore mornings (except the two or three summer months). The route we took - Screen Shot 2014 08 12 at 10 59 29 AM Riding on the 16th cross road was fun. First was the road itself - you could miss the road very easily from 2nd Main as it comes almost immediately after you turn into 2nd Main. Second was the steep slope towards Sampige road! I was panting like a dog after reaching the top much to the amusement of an aunty. Just as we turned right on Margosa road, we reached our destination - a tiny but crowded nondescript shop tucked away on the side of the road - Veena stores - which serves the yummiest and softest idlis I have ever tasted - yeah better than Murugan Idlis (conceded the world's largest fan of Murugan Idli - DH). IMG 20140802 073951772 HDR Hot and Soft idlis are served on a small Leaf plate with spicy coconut chutney. There is no place to sit and eat. People just stand on the footpath(almost non-existent) and devour this marvelous snack and drown it down with a tiny cup of yummy coffee! The vadas are also exquisite, crisp but not oily (that according to the DH is an oxymoron). IMG 20140802 073439428 After having satisfied one-tenth of my appetite, we rolled down the road. It reminded me so much of my beloved Arya Gowda road - shops on either side of the tree lined narrow road - fully occupied with people , buses, cars, cycles and autos even at the hour of 7:30 am on a weekend. Just opposite the Malleswaram playground, is the CTR - which was our next destination. If you are driving a tad too fast, it is easy to miss it out as the CTR is written in very small 'font' on the old fading building. A small cosy eat-out - I cannot bring myself to call it a restaurant - boasts the typical morning breakfast menu found almost in any other restaurant - but serves the yummiest melt-in-mouth benne dosas. According to the DH, it is fried in butter. Whatever - it is a MUST-EAT-ONCE dish! Having shared just one measly small bene dosa - this is the bane of having a health too-conscious husband, we trudged backwards home, waving to fellow cyclers (as is the norm, so I have learnt). The next time the DH cribs - "Malleswaram aa - so faar!" when I ask him to come for shopping, he is getting socked :)

Saturday, August 09, 2014

After a long time ...

.... the heart is full of joy and music and all thanks to little ones who filled my ears and soul with music for an hour and half .. I am so glad I took the decision to make it to the last show of this season despite "no-no"s from the DH and amma - the traffic will be so heavy, it is a saturday evening !! ; ah! when concerts were a stone's throw away from home, you never attended, why this sudden interest -- blah blah blah .. The show was divine!!! 
I forgot the number of times my eyes were filled with tears of joy and the number of times I felt goosebumps all over. My feet would just not stop beating to the rhythm and the smile on my face would just not fade. Ah! those blessed divine little souls - what magic in their voice, what innocence in their eyes and smiles, what resilience in their bodies!!! 
Well, I guess the fact that i opened this blog and wrote a post itself probably shows the extent to which i was moved. I was and am lost, in a world that is just and only made of mundane stuff (not that mundane stuff is bad) - but yes that "me" was missing , totally covered under piles of never ever giant, medium, tiny, teensy, specky works that never ever end (well there is zillions more on the to-do list and it is 10:30 PM and I can hear wails of amma come to bed .. and so on) but still I just HAD to stop by and jot this muse of mine. Just this once the flow wont stop. Oh! i wish i could write more but sigh! being a mom is just never ever easy !! 
BTW, I did stick the ticket in my book of "treasured memories" too. Ah! Vidhya I am so proud of you!