Tuesday, August 18, 2009

She is all Grown up ...

... The other day D and her husband stopped by home to give us some Mysore bondas that she had made. They were taking one batch to R's place and said - We will take Maya there with us, if she will come. We said okay go ahead and see. This little lady cool-ly waved bye to me and the Mr. and off they went. The Mr. remarked "Parthuko rendu nimishathile amma amma koopitindu varuva" (In 2 mintues she will call "Amma amma" and come back). We peeped through the blinds on the french window to see them retreat and still no sign of crying from her. After a while we even dared to step onto the balcony and she turned back and kept waving to us. And that's it - she was gone .. 5 mins later I started to squirm - Maybe I should just go to R's house and check on how she is doing? Do You think I should call D to find out how she is? Do you think she is crying or asking for us? The Mr. seized the window of opportunity to experiment on a grasshopper that he chanced to see in his garden.

Every 5 minutes I would step out to check if I could see a tiny figure running towards home, but nope there was no call, no sign of the little imp! Finally curiousity gave way and I called D - who told me that Maya was having a GREAT time. She was playing with R's kids and was totally unaware that the Mr. or me were not around.

hmph! So much for my hoping that she would have atleast asked for me once! Then it so suddenly struck me that one day she will be gone - studies or marriage - leaving us behind to deal with our own lives ...

SIGH! My little one has already grown up?

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I'm chitra .I enjoy reading all your blogs .. please do keep writing