Monday, July 13, 2009

Maya - the Toddler?

It is Maya's first day in Toddler class today.
Yes she has got her "Promotion".

The Mr. and I grumbled last Thursday that we had to spend most of our hard-up-for-time weekday evening shopping for this little tot - moving from one class to another - cupcakes and crackers for her "big party" (ah well - a "party" consisting of 2 infants who do not know the difference between a cup and a cupcake , another whose idea of eating a cupcake is squashing it between his chubby hands and smearing it all over his face, and the little missie (Maya madam) who would rather have the cup than the cake - can hardly be called a "party" right? - but yeah well she DID have one! - the big "Graduation" party), thank-you cards for the 3 teachers and getting prints of their photos with Maya!

And today finally dawns - and Missie is as usual bawling and wailing her head off the moment we step into her new class. Well! Hello - where is that little girl who was skipping steps and shouting in glee just 2 seconds ago ?? I always have a feeling she does this crying bit just to break my heart ... to punish me for waking her up from her deep slumber at 7:30 and dragging her to daycare. Hmm....

I am just as apprenehsive as the teacher Ms. Cathy looked. Wonder how her first day is going? Will she be fine? Will she eat and drink fine? Will she have fun? Let's see...

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