Monday, July 27, 2009

Free (?)

Amma on the phone ..." ... she said she got 3/4 kg Lady-Finger free for purchasing 1000/- worth of clothing ... @ Pothy's ....". The Mr. and I had to ask her to repeat it again! Is there no limit to the things that they offer in free to lure people to come shopping?? Well, the Mr. says, given the rate at which vegetables and daal is being sold, I am sure people would not complain. After all who cares for "free" towels, bedsheets or even gold coins anymore???

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Gomathi Sarma said...

hahah.. that was a good one..
cant believe vegs have become so pricey that they are good to motivate people if given free..

well that said.. what happened to all those backyards where we had banana tree, manago, brinjal, keerai, okra, beans ellaam.. i still remember seeing those at my place, my uncles and aunts place.. we have urbanized so much.. the population have increased so much that we had to kill those natural land !!