Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The Joys of Motherhood
  • you wake up and on seeing your Appa, curl your hand and say "Amma" as if to ask "Where is amma?"
  • seeing your little jaw move up and down as you chomp your idli or bread early in the morning.
  • you come running and jump on me and give me a tight hug..
  • you come and rub or lean against my leg while I am coming in the kitchen.
  • when you give me a sudden wet kitchie on my cheek because you heard me saying to your appa "Chumma irunda bore adikaradhu" and you heard the "umma" in chumma and you know that means to kiss.
  • when I enter the store and nearly everybody who crosses our path stops by to look and you and remark that she is "so cute", "so adorable", "precious".
  • when you learn a new word everyday and try to repeat all that we ask you to in the sweetest voice I have ever heard.
  • when I see you sitting on Appa's legs and swinging about, grinning and refuse to get down as if to indicate it is the best place to be.
  • when early in the morning when I make you stand on the wash basin slab to brush your teeth and you look at your reflection and give the sweetest smile while saying "Maya"
... and many more ..

The tears of Motherhood
  • when I have to drop you off at the day care with you wailing so loudly that you break my heart.
  • when you want to go back to sleep and yet I have to wake you up at 7:45 in the morning to take you to day care.
  • when at times you just wont leave my side at home and I cannot come to play with you because I have to cook for us.
  • when I peek through the door in the day care and see you reading some books and playing and I want to come in and hug you tightly, but can't because you would cry your eyes out when I left again.