Friday, November 21, 2008


Miracles rarely happen in life, and when they do - they leave you with a feeling of ever-lasting gratitude and happiness.
I have been lucky to have miracles happen twice and that too with the same object - my purse. I lost it twice, with absolutely no clue as to where I could have lost it and both the times I have got it back in the most strangest of circumstances. And when I sit to analyze the process of how I got it back, it makes me feel that it is nothing but a miracle that happened to me...
Two weekends ago, on a saturday morning, the Mr. casually asked me where my purse was. I casually said, it should be in my bag. We looked for it there and it was not to be found. Then began a search for it in the house and I could not find it in any of the usual spots. Finally half heartedly we agreed that it might be at my work place. I could not even remember the last time I used it. For about a year now, I have been going to work with the Mr., so I rarely have to use my purse anywhere. I never go shopping on my own, so no chance of operating with money on my own. In short, it is on rare occasions that this black jewel of mine comes out. And after my lil princess has been born, my memory has gone off on a long long break. There was a time, when I would speak in pride about my memory - i could remember every small thing that happened a week ago - the meal that was cooked last monday, the major conversations we had and so on. But now, alas, I cannot even remember what happened last evening!
Monday came, we came to office - and there was no purse. I searched all sorts of places, asked all sorts of people and nope - it was not to be found. The worst fact was not knowing where I could have lost it too. With great difficulty I traced back my mind to think of all possible shops/places I had been to the last week - but no luck. It seemed that I had not been anywhere at all. The Mr. checked online to see if any suspicious transactions happened with my credit card and he noticed a posting of about 4$ from a shop called Bellaccino's and then it all came back to me, like pieces of jigsaw puzzle fitting together.
On Thursday the previous week, I was feeling hungry in the evening and went to get some stuff from this shop. After buying the things, as is my habit, i dropped my purse into the bag from the shop. On reaching home and seeing Maya, I forgot everything and started to play with her. After the in-laws and Mr. had finished eating, the Mr. without looking to see the other contents in the cover just threw the bag out into the trash bin.
Okay now we knew where the purse was - but the problem was that in our apartment complex monday was the day the trash can was emptied. We asked the in-laws to keep a look out for the big trash van and asked him to not empty the trash can if it came. It was a strange miracle that the usually prompt van did not come that day. As soon as we rushed home, we ran to search in the huge 6ft by 5 ft bin. As luck would have, it was full till the brim. With a small hook like stick, the Mr. searched and searched. After gaining a full blown knowledge of what are all the possible sort of things people would throw into the trash, we found this bag at the very bottom of the trash bin... The Mr. just had to put his hand in the bag and lo! there it was - my sentimental purse :) ....
3 years ago .. about the same time(I wont be surprised if the dates too matched, unfortunately i dont remember them now), we had been to Guruvayoor. The in-laws, Mr and me. We reached there one evening, did dharshan and stayed over at a hotel. The next day, we woke up early at about 4 and got ready to leave for the temple. The hotel owner said they provided free compliment drop-off at the temple and that a taxi was waiting right at that moment. I asked the Mr. to hold my purse while I got into the car and forgot to take it back from him. We reached the temple, got off the car and started walking towards the sanidanam. We stopped to drink tea from a shop nearby and then I realised my purse was missing. All of us got panicky for we could not remember what happened after I handed the purse to the Mr. My FIL and the Mr. went back to all the way that we came walking, in search of it. MIL and me were standing there, chanting all sorts of prayers and hoping we would get it back. About half an hour later, the car we came in came back in search of us. The driver told us that he had gone back to the hotel, taken some other passengers to another temple (Mamiyoor - for those of u familiar with guruvayoor)- about 1/2 hour drive from there- as those passengers were getting off, they noticed this purse on the floor of the car and gave it to the driver. The driver came in search of us to give us the purse. I could not thank him enough for his honesty. That was also something miraculous to happen.
Guess this purse is indeed a lucky one for me then :) ... I hope there wont be another post to report a 3rd miracle anymore... ;)