Thursday, February 28, 2008

What "Pooh" Character am I?

Whenever I want to take a chmaal break from the monotonous work, and don't feel like writing something myself (which usually is the case), i got blog hopping - mostly on the list on my blog itself.
Today I happened to notice something on Preethi's blog ( am not sure if it was there earlier itself) and could not stop myself from taking the "100 acre quiz" myself!

Winnie the Pooh is my favorite Disney character (Guess my blog background says it all - sheepish grin!). I try to catch the 8 AM EST - "My Friends Tigger and pooh" show most days and just love repeating the "Super Sleuth oath" or the "Sthink , Sthink , Sthink" song ... much to the Mr.'s chagrin!

The first thing that I purchased when I came on my very first onsite trip was - Pooh Bear soft toy! I mich him - he is way back in india.

So, here are the results of the Quiz I took:

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!
Hmm.... now I have to "sthink sthink sthink" about the results .... Do they descrie who I am ? What do you say ?


Inca said...

ahaaa - just now saw yr blog after a looong time. its just colorful - as colorful as Taare Zameen Par :) Pooh is my fav too - i got aadit a small pooh who opens his arms if you press his stomach - tee hee...i like the new look. its extra kewl. And the tagging questions from Preeti and yr answers were just superb - nah - am not just telling. It was really good.

Padmaja said...

ya it does describe u to an extent....:-)

Preethi said...

I am Pooh.. (dancing around in circles) :)

Visharada said...

Ur Pooh template is cool Vidhya. Btw check my blog for what the charcater I got!!

Visharada said... a days busy is it? I don't see you blogging much :)

Itz me!!! said...

hi are definitely a warm and loving person and no doubt that you are (and would be) fantastic with (your) children!!!!...but you are too warm to snub anyone face to I dont totally agree with the test results:-)

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$Inca- looks like i am also in a cocoon like you now :)

$ Padmaja - thanks dear ... coming from you, i can take it to be actually true :)

$ Preethi - :P to you ... :)

$ Sarada - it is more than busy - super busy .... will tell you why ? ;)

$It'z Me - hi dee ..... thanks for the warm compliment :) .... "warm" aa .... ask Rajesh - he will tell u the extent of my warmth ha ha ha ... but u know in a way you are true, and the reason i don't snub / scold anybody is , i cannot hold on to my argument for long and i feel miserable when i cannot hold on to my point :( ....

Gomathi Sarma said...

You bet.. You are really warm and loving.. and no doubt, you will be the best mom..

My Musings said...

Just blog hopping n reached here.
Nice blog!!!