Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Blessing in Time...

I have been lately caught up with loads of work at office and at home. Due to reduced energy levels these days, doing my normal stuff is slowly turning tedious. So, have not been able to keep up with any blogging at all.

My very good friend Preethi, whose blog I keep visiting and with each visit chide myself that I still have not completed her tag, gave me a very nice and a timely surprise today here.

It comes at a very important juncture for me - for a very personal reason. I am awaiting some test results from my lab and am hoping against hope that the results are in my favour. So, this blessing comes as a very good indication for me.

I am one who believes a lot in 'Signs' (something akin to what is described in The Alchemist).

Thanks Preethi for this wonderful blessing.

Strangely I never made a huge list of blogging friends. Guess it would have been possible, had I been more punctual. The few that I have - are getting more 'lazier' than me in posting stuff. Yet I would like to write about a few here ...

Prathibha - She writes wonderful travelogues and every trip of her always made me envious - thinking I am not there to be with her to enjoy them as well. I pass this to you dear with lots of In touch times - for I know you need this more than anybody else now ...

Venu - A very nice blogger who also happens to be the husband of a dear friend of mine. They are embarking on the biggest journey of their life in a couple of weeks if not earlier , so my small contribution to that.

Ram - I have given up on you to restart blogging. Somebody else has captivated every millisecond of your time and I don't blame you. These are for you, G and my SIL ;)

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Preethi said...

Good luck with the test :)