Monday, December 31, 2007

The Year that Was .... 2007

So, another year comes to an end. WOW! that one went by pretty fast - seems like just yesterday that it started. And it is already that time when all those "top 10" lists are popping up. I also have one such "list" to make - thanks to Preethi's Tag. I will come to that shortly - maybe tomorrow - starting a fresh year with the "what I want to dos and bes".

Now is the time for thanks and reminiscing all that went by in 2007.

It was a very nice year for me and my family. Loads of happenings - all good ones, with out major loss - which was anticipated but left a vacuum like none.

The Year began with us moving to this apartment where we are - a smaller one in comparison to where we lived before, but one that definitely made us more happy. Who ever said "Size Matters"! The Late winter and early Spring months saw us enthusiastically planning for our upcoming India trip.

The summer months just fled by - April and May - partly spent in India - with one of the biggest events in our family - my BIL's Wedding. I got a very cute little sister - not co-sister. It was so peaceful to see the satisfaction in my father-in-law's face - seeing his two sons settled in life. Made me wish god that I also be blessed with a "full" life like he had - one where he is contended with all that he has been blessed and not keep cribbing for what he never had.

It was very painful coming back here, but it was lessened to a lot by the knowledge that in 4 days my parents were joining us - for a short trip. Finally, one of my long pending duties was about to get done - getting my parents to the US and showing them places around. It was one of the best quarter we ever had in the US - when they were here. 3 months of fun - at home during weekdays and on weekends roaming around the country - and amma's tasty tasty meals every single day.

It was during their stay here that we got the bad news. My beloved Patti passed away on the 12th of May. She was in a bad state - so death was definitely a relief for her. Though we knew all this- her loss leaves a vacuum in us that probably nothing will ever fill. All family members would joke saying that somebody should make a chip out of the memories in her brain - a wealth of information it would contain. Now all that is gone with her. She was that one bonding factor which brought the scattered members of a huge family tree together - some willing some forced - but now even that driving factor is gone. It saddens me to think of that each time.

When appa and amma left in August - it left such a huge void in our lives that it took us nearly 3 weeks to get back to normal. Life seemed all the more dreadful staying so far away from close ones. It made us want to wrap up things here soon and rush back.

Both the Mr. and Me changed jobs this year - went to places that were much better than where we were - giving us good joy. I got to do the work I always wanted to do finally and also had a good "gang" of girl friends at work.

August also saw the birth of cute lil 'S' - my dearest friend 'S's daughter. October welcomed the son of R and G. All happy newses and cute pictures floated around.

God blessed us both with good health and the needed wealth to keep us going this year. All our family is safe, healthy and happy - giving us the needed assurance. My in-laws' dreams came true. My parents' were satisfied with their trip here. So, in all a good year. With loads of thanks and gratitude to the Uparwala!

I take this time to thank all those who were part of life this year and are continuing to be a part the next year. Thankful to all those friends who were there for me in times of need, there when I wanted to share a happy news. And thank god for good health, peace in the family and contentment in the heart, and for helping us out anytime we faced an issue or problem.

So, with a happy heart I close one more year. A year filled with zillions of memories, some stored in pages of diaries, some in "forever memory", some on calendar pages, some as photos on our scrap board and some on my blog.


Preethi said...

lovely recount... yeah you had a full year last.. and best wishes to have a wonderful 2008.. that is extra special!!

Gomathi Sarma said...

Good to know that you had wonderful 07 and I am sure you will have the best to come in 08.

A very happy new year to you sweetie.