Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Photo Sharing

It is ages since I have been wanting to scribble here and have not got time. I wanted to write about our Thanksgiving holiday in Miami and Key West, wanted to complete the Tag Preethi gave me and many more ... but have been so very busy at work and quite ill with the temperature change (miami was 85F , Detroit is 25F) ... Anyway, this excuse of busy is always there in everybody's live.
I think despite being caught in domestic and official affairs , you should take out some little time for yourself - that time where nothing else but you and you alone matter.
Since a very long time, I wanted to write about this - Photo Sharing.

There was a time, say about 5-6 years ago, when the only photographs that people every had of themselves or trips or families were the printed ones - and it was a pain scanning these photos to share with friends or relatives. But with the advent of the digital cameras - sizes ranging from ones as big as a watermelon to ones as small as lemon - sharing photos has become the most easiest thing in lives. And with free photo sites and chat windows that enable file transfer being every so common, there are probably millions of photos being shared and viewed right at this moment.

I keep getting photos from friends atleast once a week, if not at a rate more than that. There are some very small things- pretty annoying things which I wonder why people don't even bother to pay attention to. They are a bit time consuming tasks but then without these I feel that the whole purpose of the photo sharing is lost. They are:

  1. Half of the photos will not be rotated - so when you transfer your photo from the camera and it is upside down or oriented in the right side direction, you just upload it the same way. Is the looker supposed to get his head corrected or lift and rotate his laptop to view the photo ? Do you really think anybody would look further down the snaps if he/she finds such annoying snaps often in the list that you send ?
  2. There is not one word of caption - describing where the photo was taken and who are all the morons smiling at the camera in the kodak moment ? Not everybody who knows you - is acquainted with every single human in your life - but maybe if you put a line there -"My sis", or "My friends" .... it would make things more interesting and maybe more meaningful.
  3. The whole purpose of having a digital camera is to be able to click 4-5 snaps so that one of that might be a good one. But when you transfer all the contents to a website hosting your pictures, why don't you spare a moment to take out the "trash" ones. Often you will find snaps where there is probably only 1/4th of somebody's leg showing up or everything else being in focus other than the intended subject. Is it too much to ask that you remove these and only upload the good ones ?
I am not a 'Great' professional photographer - nor do I proclaim to be an expert at the art of renaming, filtering and rotating photographs. But when I do share photos with somebody, I take the pains of doing the above 3 - because I know that if am to generate atleast a spark of interest in the recipient - these are the minimum I should do - else my email would also go to the most common place where most emails are found - "TRASH".


Preethi said...

Hey welcome back....
this is why I use orkut to share pics with friends.. and picasa to share with family..
Friends will be happier to see a lot more concise version....
I will be more careful when I send you pics now :P

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Preethi - did not mean to sound like a "photo sharing" policeman but some of the recent ones I got were really irritating ... especially when i wish to know more details about the photo ...

Visharada said...

Totally agree with you Vidhya :)