Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Second Tag

Sorry Preethi, for the huuuuuuuuuuuge delay in getting to this. I am sure you understand and forgive me .... after all isn't XMAS the season for forgiveness :) hee hee ....

Okay now moving on to my Tag. This probably will be the most quirkiest thing I have ever written on my blog . LOL.

1. How do you feel after a one night stand?

Oh! I would looove it if it was anyone in the list .. Yesudas, Asha Bhonsle, Shreya Ghoshal, KK, Sonu Nigam, SPB ... the list goes on..... Wait - hold your horses, before you get me all Judged up - according to Wikipedia .... one night stand means ... A one-night stand is originally a single night theatre performance (usually a guest group on tour) ........ and i did not bother to read beyond that ;).

2. Do you ever get used to wearing a thong?

Nope ... would not want to try one too :)

3. Does it hurt?

Would not know ..

4. Do you know when you are acting crazy?

What do mean by "Act" ... ain't I crazy all the time ??

5. Does size really matter?

Well depends on the "thing" whose size we are talking of :)

6. When the bill comes are you still a feminist?

After marriage, I carefully choose to ignore that word for a lot of "beneficial" reasons .. hee hee

7. Why do you take so long to get ready?

Half of the charm is in the anticipation .... so make them wait :)

8. Do you watch porn, too?

"Too" - does that mean you watch it ????? Preethi - you never told me !!!!

9. Will something from Tiffany’s solve everything?

Depends on WHAT needs solving ..

10. Are guys as big of a mystery to you as you are to us?

Why even give that much of a thought about them :) .... Too much time waste to think...

11. Why do you sometimes think you look fat?

Sometimes ???? these days it is alwaaaaaaays and no matter what i do ;)

12. Why are you always late?

See Answer 7.

13. Does it bother you when we scratch?

Yewwwwwwwww .... the mean thought gives goose bumps..

14. Do you wish you could pee standing up?

Never ... i love sitting when given the chance :)

15. Why do so many women cut their hair short as soon as they get married?

Nope - no idea... never done that before.. Well actually i think - guys give us enough trouble and it falls off on its own, why bother cutting it ?

16. How often do you think about sex?

No Comments ....

17. What do you think of women who sleep with guys on the first date?

hmmm... are you that desperate??

18. Would you?


19. Do you realize every guy wants a girl just like his mom?

I know for sure he does not "want" a girl as old as his mom....

20. Why does every woman think she can change him?

hmmm.... no answer - guilty as sin !

21. Does it matter what car I drive?

Nope ... as long as you let me drive it too :)

22. Do you ever fart?

Shhh ..... some things are best unsaid ...

Phew..... that was some Tag :) .... I enjoyed it though ... thanks Preethi...


Preethi said...

that was fun wasnt it??
Loved 7 and 11.. how are you feeling now??

Timepass said...

U have a nice blog. I read ur archives too.nice pics

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$Preethi- Yep something i have never done before :P ....Was great ...

$$ Timepass - thanks for stopping by at my blog :)) .... and so nice of u to read my archives too :D ...

Gomathi Sarma said...

haha.. that was fun reading this tag..
I think these tags help me get to know you better :)