Thursday, November 15, 2007


The Christmas season has already begun here. All the streets in downtown detroit are getting dressed up with the finest of wares - trees, wreath, lights, bells and what not. In the Mr's office lobby - they have cleared up the entire area and set up about 20 christmas trees each one decorated uniquely and brilliantly.

As I walked past the fine exhibits, I got reminded of "Chrisma" - the game I played only once in my entire life - the christmas of 2004. I got to know of the existence of this game about 10 years ago, when I noticed and very beautiful statue in my cousin's room and she mentioned that her "Chris child" had given it to you.

In the December of 2004, our team members decided that we would 'play' this game for a week. There are various variations of the game and you can create your own rules. This is what we had decided. One morning the names of all the team members would be written down in chits and each one would pick a 'chit' - that person would be our 'Chris Child'. We had to give 'tasks' to the ChrisChild and if he/she performed it, we were also to give a gift to our "child" - the catch being - all this has to be done without the Chrischild knowing who is Ma/Pa is. During that one week, each one could take one chance at guessing who the Chirsma/Pa is. If it turned right - then that pair of Chrisma/Pa- ChrisChild were out of the game and the Chrischild earned a "brownie" point. If it turned wrong - the Chrischild would only get tasks and no gifts.

That was probably one of the best Christmases I ever had. We had such wonderful fun. Initially people were not being sportive and giving tasks, but once the heat caught on - it was like - who could think of the most ingenious task for their ChrisChild.

I had planned for this game very lovingly and my Chrischild turned out to be somebody who really did not appreciate the beauty of my gifts and it turned even sour for me when he guessed my name before the game was over. My ChrisPa on the other hand turned out to be a good surprise.

Strange I always prided on my memory to be really good, but now it fails me badly - I can hardly remember what tasks I was given or what were some of the best tasks. Maybe in time I will remember a few and then will jot those down.

Thinking of that wonderful week brought a smile on my face today morning and for a long time I thought lovingly of the fun days spent in that project - which till date has been my best one in all my years of experience. I doubt if I will ever get a team as good as that - or a time as good as that.

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Preethi said...

I have heard of this game.. never played it.. sounds like a lot of fun though.. but you need to appreciate the sillyness of it to get into the spirit!! So sad you has a spoilt sport for a "chris child"!!

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Preethi - You are right - lot of people felt it was too silly and did not participate rightly.

Gomathi Sarma said...

I have played this once back in my previous company around 4-5 yrs back or so.

It was fun, but then most of us didnt know what the game was. IT was all new for us. Still we all had fun. That was the only time I played Chrisma, I guess