Friday, October 19, 2007

Why the Cashew nut grows out of the fruit?

The Mr. and I are supposedly photo freaks - it is almost mid October and we have not got a single "Fall" photo - can you believe that? I guess "Fall" is falling behind time this year. Well with temperatures still in late 60s and early 70s what do you expect. For two days it was in the 50s and a couple of over-eager Maple's started to change color - but that is it! No forests of "flaming" trees or lawns covered with mounds of red, maroon and yellow colored leaves....

Every day when I drive to work, I see these 3 single trees proudly displaying their colors - each one alone admist all other lush green ones. It reminded me of a story that I read in Tinkle as a little kid - how the Cashew nut came to be outside the fruit!

One of the many blessings that my lovely parents gave me as a kid - was my reading habit. There was no dearth for books as a kid. Amma would ensure I got one of my most favorite book as one of my birthday presents. And every fortnight I would get the new Tinkle. Ah! I miss those thick bound Tinkle books in my bookshelf. I would read, read and re-read all those stories for years together. Okay, enough of straying off the point. Now to the story.

In a bit forest there were all kind of trees, Oaks, Maple's, banyans and so on. There was also one Cashew tree. Every year when winter melted and spring start, the trees would slowly start to bloom. All the trees would start blooming at the same time, except of the Cashew - which always bloomed first. The trees were angry at this. They felt that the Cashew was trying to steal limelight by blooming first. They complained to the Forest King - who chided the Cashew for not being a part of the group and blooming along with the others. A sad Cashew said he would try and bloom along with the others next year.
The year ended, winter swept in - robbing away all tress of their leaves. Soon, the last of snow melted away and lo - the Cashew was already in full bloom, the other trees had barely managed to start regrowing their leaves.

The forest god was furious! He said that he would not take the Cashew's impudence anymore. He plucked one of the Cashew's fruits and stamped on it. A small seed popped out. The forest god threw the fruit at the Cashew and said - "Let it be remembered that you disobeyed my orders! May your seed always grow outside your fruit!".

So, that's how the Cashew Nut came to be living outside the fruit!

Mmmm.... let me go and grab an handful of those spicy Masala cashews that we bought last week!

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Gomathi Sarma said...

hehe.. I am reminded of this story now..

Oru voorla, oru Onion, Thakali and Ice cream moonum frndsa irundhanga ..

Oru naal 3m beach ku kulikka poonaanga, appa solla solla ketkaame,

Ice cream, thanila poi karanju poiduchu Thakaaliyum onionum angaiye porandu porandu azhudhange !!!!

Aparam veetuku kalambinanga ...

vara vazhila oru Lorry la accident aagi, thakkaali nasungi poochu !!

Vodane Onion mattum thania azhudhukitee God kitta poi

"Ice sethappa naanum thakkaliyum azhudhom, ippa thakaali sethappa naan azhudhen ..

but naan naalaiku sethenna, yenakku nu azhaa yaaru irukka ... oh ho ho ... ???" nu kettuchaam ...

Adhuku God, sari inimay nee sagum podhu yarellam pakkathula irukkangalo yellarum azhuvanga nu sonnaaram ...

So Inimay Vengaiyam narukum podhu kannula yen thanni varudhu nu yaarachu kettaa,

Thiru thiru nu mulichikittu irukkaame, sogamana indha friends kadhaye share panunga !!!!!!!!!

Thaanga mudiyallayaa???Paravaalaa…