Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Boys and Girls

Often I wonder how is it that god has made boys and girls as unique and separate in nature as they are. When we are born we are just two human beings - then how does that distinct "boyishness" or "girlishness" come into us on its own. I don't think parents teach the toddler of a year how to "behave" like a boy or a girl.

Couple of weeks ago we had a couple over for dinner. They brought along their 1 year old son. Within seconds it became evident that all of the Mr's precious plants and our beautiful decorations that were within his reach were in grave danger.
Despite taking all sorts of precautions we ended up with two broken souvenir glasses. The kid would not stay still for a single minute - needed constant monitoring and would lay hands on anything that was within his reach.

Couple of days ago Mrs and Mr C dropped in for a little chat - and brought along their cute 3 year old daughter. All the 3 hours that they were at home, this doll just ran around , making conversations with me, playing by holding my hands or jumping up and down on the bed. She admired all the beautiful artifacts in our bookshelf and commented on them, but did not even touch them. There was nothing to be cleared or cleaned when they left.

Makes me wonder just how do boys and girls be so different inherently. Mom-in-law's reminisces - She had to tie the Mr to the sofa when he was a toddler to get even the minimal of work done - else he would break up everything he could lay hands on, or stuff anything that would go into his mouth. I can't recall my mother complaining anything of that sort about my childhood.

Ever since I can remember we have always had toddlers in our house - all the while we lived in the quarters in vizag. First it was the twins - Ramu and Shamu - not a moment of peace when they would come home. I would always have to run behind them to ensure they were not upto any destructive - to themselves or the house. Then there was Sravani - docile as a lamb - all she wanted was the Vessels basket and she would quietly spend them time on her own, with small conversations with us in between.

The way boys and girls think is also so distinctly different. I am sure all would have read the forward about how a man and woman think diametrically opposite about the same situation. Here is how it goes -
The husband comes back home in a very pensive mood. The wife is worried and tries to cheer him up but he hardly responds. She begins to think of how their marriage is doomed, and that the husband is tired of her and probably wants to end the relationship and so on. She backtracks all the incidents between them to identify where she went wrong. She writes down pages of this in her diary. There is just one line in the diary of the husband's that night - "India lost the match!".

It is no wonder that books like "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" are so popular...

A small snippet of conversation that evening that Mrs and Mr. C came home - Mrs. C came into the kitchen talking to me about something when we heard Mr. C asked my husband - How much did you pay for this? Immediately Mrs. C asked - What are you asking about - the couch, the tv stand, the bookshelf ... so on? Mr C looked at her puzzled and said - No, its the Time magazine - did they buy new furniture ?

We had a good laugh at this "boy" and "girl" thing!

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Gomathi Sarma said...

Thankfully these guys are different from us. From your blog it looks like boys are destructive and girls are constructieve - isnt it? :)

Boys are girls are opposites and they are meant to be that way. May be they get the first of trainings in the daycare of with their siblings or with family friends - whatever it is, I am glad they are opposite. Opposites attract :)

Kumudha said...

Read some wonderful posts here!


Kumudha said...

Thanks for giving me the info about the Iraqi dates. I had assumed that it is impossible to find iraqi dates, as that country is in war.

Preethi said...

hahaha!! had a good time reading this one... and guess what I am living it as a minority!! :P Good to stumble upon your blog!

Thinking aloud said...


Imagine me born as a sister two girls getting married to a guy with 3 brothers...hav eheard horror stories from my MIL about them..and guess what...i have two boys too :))