Thursday, August 23, 2007

What’s in a Name?

Quite some months ago, the Mr. got a forward about “The Secret of Mallu Christian Names”. We laughed and laughed and even today it is a standing joke at home. You can read it here.

Over the weekend, we were browsing some sites and came across a Mohanalal program being organized in many parts of the
US. As we scrolled down the site, we came upon the names of the Contact persons and broke into a riot of laughter. Why? See this:

Why in the world would any set of parents name his or her child this way? People who know the meaning would not. People who don’t – well I don’t think it is such a fanciful name that anybody would yearn to name their baby.

One evening as the Mr. was signing out at the security gate, the guard asked him how he would pronounce the name of the person who had signed out just before him. The Mr. read it – “Ishith”. The Guard said – Yeah I wondered why would somebody call their kid “I” “Shit” ! Americans generally don’t care for the extra “h”. So, I become “Vidiya” instead of “Vid(H)ya”. I am sure Ishith’s parents would have never dreamt that he would grow up and go to the US of A and he would be made fun of for his name.

Reading all this – I guess it is safe to go with time-tested and well known ‘existing’ names, instead of being smart and trying to come up with new ones that might fire back on you sometime.


Inca said...

Hmmm - I had blogged one about naming kids and all the fundas involved in it!!!

Asha said...

Go-Pee, Di-Xit, Duk-Shit, etc! ;D

Gomathi Sarma said...

That was really funny about Go-Pee :) in the comment above..