Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Carried stopped by at my desk today morning and gave me a cute little “Thank You” card.

All the ladies in the office – which was quite a number , about 20 or so, got together and arranged for a ‘Baby Shower’ for her Last Thursday. It was lunch in this place called “Country Buffet” – where you can “eat-all-you-can” for just 9$. Unfortunately, as usual, the choice for Veggies is limited – though the dessert table pretty much compensated this deficit. All of us were quite generous and had given her really good gifts – a Stroller, a rocking and musical swing and couple of dresses.

What I loved about the whole thing was – how eagerly she opened all her gifts and how she did not hesitate to show her real feelings. She had tears of happiness and gratitude in her eyes and she looked at each one of us when she said her thanks. Often I have noticed this about Americans – they do not feel ashamed to show out their feelings in public – especially the good ones. If you are wearing a nice dress, or some piece of jewellery that they liked, they will not show their appreciation with big expressions and loud “Oooh!s” and “Aaahs”. If they are happy about something that happened, they would talk in length of their happiness with animated faces. If they meet somebody after a long time, they would not hesitate to give a warm hug and shout out loud. If they are too happy, they would not mind crying out in the public – warm happy tears of joy.

Coming to the act of today morning’s – when was the last time you saw somebody hand you over a “Thank-You” card for something that you did? It is such a small thing but it makes so much of a positive difference I feel. There was definitely a smile on my face when I got that card and read that hand-written note that she had put in it.

Expressing oneself is so vital for relationships to bond further, I feel. Mostly Positive expressions . Sometimes it is better to keep negative expressions in check.


Chandrika said...

Vidya, your post certainly made me smile..It certainly is a warm kind of feeling...

Gomathi Sarma said...

Good one.. I think we do say thank you wehn we get a gift, but we tend to forget to express it with the same intensity in which other person got us something. It was so nice of that person to give you that 'thank you' card.