Friday, April 06, 2007

Fruit of Labour

I have been at this for the past 1 week. The Mr. teases me - you are like an old lady always sewing your beads .. if you get 2 seconds you sit on. It definitely is fun and enjoyable .. and of course the end product decked your neck certainly gives a lot of pleasure...

How is it?


Subha Srini said...

If you ask me to describe in one word - FABULOUS !!

I wish I stay closer to Michigan to learn the art of making !!

My reply to your mail is still in my draft folder .. shall send it sooner :-)


Gomathi Sarma said...

Wow..This is fantastic. Guess you have become a master in these. Now I wish I am close to Michigan so that I can come and steal it [sshhhh]

Asha said...

That's one beautiful work of art you did there!!Gorgeous:)

Usha said...

very pretty.

trupti said...

Thats so pretty....I would love to make such things If I had the time...some pieces I have seen it are so nice, you can even wear them with Saris and Salwars...and the best part if you can match them exactly using 1 or more colors..