Monday, March 19, 2007


Just When I started to believe that Spring has finally started , this nasty day of snow and sleet had to come up again! Boy! I am really puzzled with the weather in this place. Just yesterday though the mercury hovered around the late 30s, there was dazzling sunlight and the sun just would not go down even at 8:00PM – I was so frustrated to be cooking in the kitchen with the blinds on – and today morning we woke up to find the most morose weather. Snow and rain at the same time – causing the worst conditions for driving.

It all starts with having to brush about 2 inches of snow off your car – showering your freshly laundered and ironed black pant to all turn dirty white-black.
And then comes driving on the freeway at a speed of 50 MPH with hardly a visibility of 50 ft and that too only in the front. Through the back windshield you can atleast manage to make out glowing spots of other car lights, but the two rear view mirrors on the side might as well not exist! I must give it to the residents of this country – no matter what the weather, no matter how much you can see or can not, no matter whether the entire road is covered with slick ice that can cause a skid at any point, they have to rush like their tail is on fire at 70 MPH. Hello! Can you not be normal at drive slow – you MORON! Not only do you cause my heart to race at a high speed fearing that you might skid and crash into me any moment, but you cause my wipers to operate crazily to remove all that slush you spew on my windshield and yet I cannot see a thing!

The other day there was a discussion as to which of the two evils you like better – snowy conditions but a temperature around 25- 32F or no snow but extreme cold with mercury refusing to acknowledge the fact that there could be Temperatures on the +ve scale also (meaning a constant -10 to -16F). I choose the former. I am fine with able to see the road thru one tiny corner of my window and yet drive , but can not watch for 4 mintues in mind numbing , life sucking cold , thanking god each day for making thru the 5 minute walk from the parking lot to the office – ALIVE!


Vee said...


Totally agree with you, especially about the walk from the parking lot to the office. We had relatively mild weather till everything burst open in Feb. bad, bad month.

Oh, spring, where art thou?

Gomathi Sarma said...

i know how it feels. I am here in a place where it rains most of the year.