Wednesday, January 31, 2007

An Ode to Chai Time

The amount of pleasure that can be derived from “small” things in life are the “biggest” achievements of one’s life. I sincerely believe that it is the more “small” non-consequential happiness you fill your daily life with – the more fuller a life you have lived. The definition of “small” is upto the individual.

One such “small” thing that has been a part of our life for about a year now is our – Chai Time. The Mr. and I religiously have this “Chai Time” 10 minutes in the morning and about 30-40 minutes in the evening. The Morning “Chai Time” is more like a pick-me-up event where we start with a crib “Why does Morning always have to follow the night? Why can’t it be night after night?” rubbing out the sleep in our eyes and Every day while in office, we long for the clock to strike “Time to go home” , so that we can rush back home and spend the best moment of the day, savoring the pleasure of each other’s company + tea + the latest DVD that we got from the library – interposed with tidbits from the day at work, gossips, frustrations and happy events. The ‘Snack King’ – the Mr. – spices up the these moments with his wonderful snacks – pani puri, chaat, chevada, Mudi-chana-choor(also called Bhel puri), pakodis ….. He is the quickest snack maker I have ever seen. Even before the water for tea gets to boil he is done with the most tastiest and crunchy snack. Of course, none of those would taste half as good without my special “Kadak” chai. We would get all our goodies to the table in front of the TV, settle comfyly in the soft couch, and inaugurate the best time of the day by dipping our respective biscuits (the Mr.’s changes every fortnight – from ‘Milk bikis’ to ‘Good Day’ to ‘Rusk’ to ‘Sunfeast’ before starting another cycle ; I am true and loyal to only one biscuit – “Marie”) in the hot and piping tea. As I stretch out my legs, while sipping the refreshing concoction, occasionally thrilling my palate with a spoonful of the Mr.’s preparations and watching an episode of “Friends” – I think – “This is Life! No matter how bad my day at work has been or no matter how bleak my career looks or no matter how many personal issues I have, I am thankful to God for this moment in my life. I ask for nothing but continuity of this ritual!”.

I am not a poet; so this is my ode to my “Chai Time” with my bestest friend – the Mr.! My Pre-valentine gift from the Mr. – this tiny play china tea set – adorns one small, warm corner of my “show-shelf” aka showcase.


sirisha-my-thoughts said...

Vidhya...very nicely written...I could actually visualise you guys with that chai cups in ur hands! :)

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Sirisha - Thanks dear.

TRS said...

What a lovely post Vidhya....always treasure these moments, they will be the best ones. Here's wishing you many many, *chai-times* together.


sumathi said...

Hi Vidhya,

I got the link for your blog from goms..blame on me that i have read your post and have not commented. Aplologies..Today i couldnt resist commenting. This was a lovely blog narrated in a wonderful and gorgeous way. Actually i dont take tea or coffee, after reading your blog , i feel like starting a new one.
Anyways wish you so many golden moments like this :)


Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Thanks Trupti - Indeed these are very very special moments.

$$ Sumathi - Welcome to my post :) I am happy to receive your comment. Thanks a ton :) So sweet of you to leave a nice note ...

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Sumathi - Hey! do you blog too ?

Usha said...

Thats a very pretty tea set - makes me want my chai now.
And ya, tea isnt a beverage for me , it is an experience and with people who are great company, it is nirvana.
Have you been to infinitea in Bangalore?

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Usha - Thanks Usha. Yes you are right - Tea is a very very serious ritual :) ... nope - not been to infinitea - the next time I am in B'Lore I will surely drop by there