Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Hmm… Quite some time since I posted anything here. Was Quite caught up with some work – for once in life huh ? And then there was this really stupid exam that was mandatory as per the new rules laid down by the ‘breadgiver’ – so after almost 6 years I did a “One-day” batting again! And was I glad to manage to scrape thru it J(kudos my brave gal – Pat on my back). Wonder how my father ever manages to write all those exams for insurance even at this age. He really is a “superman” I say!

I was very upset today morning. Amma’s BP shot up recently and she has been having problems with head heaviness, feverishness and all. So, she decided to get a check-up done with Dr. X , who is the doctor that appa regularly does his check up with. Now this X is a very renowned doctor and his diagnosis is very much respected and appreciated. All is well – but just as everything in nature, he has a very bad aspect to him. He does not talk much, will not respond to your questions, not give you any assurances. It is really frustrating – you visit him with a problem – he listens to all you have to say, write down a prescription and ask you to visit him again in some days. Won’t say if your current problem is due to XYZ illness, it will go away in so and so days, nothing of that sort.

I feel more than anything a Doctor has to be compassionate, try to boost the morale of the patient who is so depressed already with his physical problem, give him the right facts and try to re-assure him, instead of just scribbling a prescription and asking him to leave. No doubt his prescription works, but where is that comfort feeling of I-visited-the-doctor-and-he-made-it-all-fine. Accepted that in a day probably he sees about 200-300 patients, but did he did take the profession conscious of this fact right? In my opinion, a doctor has to be as good as empathizing and making the patient “Feel” better as good as he should be in his medicinal abilities. Remember “Munnabhai MBBS” ‘s jadoo ki chappi.

The Personal touch is what is missing. My experience with a doctor here makes me shudder to even think of visiting one. After two visits to him , he can hardly even recognize me and makes me go through my entire case twice before he can even recollect what it is that I came to get cured of? How can I even trust this person to give me the correct medicine?


Usha said...

Ya I also getannoyed when doctors don't explain my problem and just expect me to quietly swallow all the pills they write out.
That makes me feel like I am being treated by a vet.
Oh your doc is quite annoying. precisely the type i'd refuse to go to.

Trupti said...

This is so true of doctors lately, I know that they have to maintain distance from the patient, but it shouldn't be like going to a local Wal-mart to get checked...I have come across many great doctors at the hospital I worked at, great doctors who had the personality of a twig, but a mind of a genius. Your doctor sounds scatter-brained, but what about his expertise in treating you? If that's questionable too, I'd change physicians right away. Take care.


Lakshmi said...

lovely blog Vidhya. and by the way, Belated B'day wishes to you.

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Usha - You are right. That is why i stopped going to my doc.

$$ Trupti - It sometimes is a pity - some people who are absolutely genius are misunderstood because they cannot portray their abilities to the best na?

$$ Lakshmi - Welcome to my blog and thanks a lot for the wishes :) BTW are you the lakshmi that I know personally - i mean my school friend??