Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Time Capsule

Usha has written a very beautiful article here about a Time Capsule that has been created by Yahoo. It is a memory Engine kind of thing , where you can post almost anything – photos, scraps, blogs – anything at all about anything and everything you think/feel/know – This Time Capsule will close itself in a couple of days and be lost in the sands of time – to be reopened maybe a decade or so later. The assumption is that things might be changed so much by that time, that the artifacts you are going to store in it now will become relics. And I definitely thing it might be absolutely the truth.
The rate at which life in general is growing, some event/custom/ritual that happened 10 years ago is no longer a part of our lives now. Usha asks – if there were to be a time capsule that would open say 100 years later what would you want to put in the time capsule. Here are some of the things that I would like to write down about for generations a century later to be reading about.

  1. I would give a write-up on what a sample work-day would look like, in different professions – a teacher, an engineer, a software professional, an ad agent, a housewife, a musician and so on.
  2. What are the sports that a Nation loves – eg. Indians are crazy about Cricket, Americans rave about baseball or basketball.
  3. A Write-up on each festival that is celebrated in a given state/society and what is done in on a festive day.
  4. Some pictures about the current trend in fashion – short sleeved salwars, churidars, long skirts, tight muscle t-shirts for guys, off shoulder dresses for little kids.
  5. The menu in a traditional wedding. Well, that I must say has changed quite a lot – no longer do you see “Ela chaapadi” in many wedding receptions – it is all ‘metro chapaddu’.
  6. What are the modes of communication – E-mails/ blogs/phones/cell phones?
  7. What are the most sought after places of travel?
  8. The TV serials that people are most crazy about now.
  9. What hobbies are kids mad about?
  10. The most popular food items in the town – Mexican ? Pav Bhaji? Road-side chatt/puchka?
  11. Current views on UFOs, what kind of governments should we have, robots

Oh! I could go on and on … but for now yup! These are what I can think of for now.

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Usha said...

yes, I think the TV serials of today and our views on UFOs etc might be of great interest and fascination. They may simply not understand our attitudes and beliefs in an age of moderate scientific advancements. Ennalaye purinjukka mudiyalaiye - 100 varusham kazhichu eppadi puriyum!