Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lage Raho Munnabhai

I wanted to write about this about 3 weeks ago, when I actually saw the movie, but never got to doing it. Now it is a bit of stale news, but then no harming in jotting what I wanted to say.
In a movie-world that has lost the meaning of comedy, amidst the hotchpotch sex-based comedies that the bollywood industry churns out every two months – comes a breath of fresh air – a neat “family” comedy called “Lage Raho Munnabhai”. Right from the first scene where the unsuspecting no-name character gets trapped in the parking lot, the giggles started in the theatre. The crescendo reached peak when Arshad Warsi so casually remarks – “Abbe Tu andhar aa raha hai ki bahar jaa raha hai”.

I felt that the movie outrightly belonged to Arshad Warsi – his dialogue delivery, timing and facial expressions. Not a single line of his missed the laughter-applause that the audience had to offer. I found his devotion to this “Bhaaai” so endearing. Wish I had a friend like that, who would do anything for me.

Sanjay looks very nice when he does these comedy roles that the action ones like Vaastav or the romantic ones like Saajan. I feel he is bearable in the Munnabhai role. I felt that he had more to do as a hero in Munnabhai MBBS, than in this movie – which has no center character that deserves applause.

Boman Irani IS ONE Good actor huh? Reminds me a lot of Utpal Dutt. He shines, as do his silky jazzy bright fluorescent clothes, as the “Villian” Lucky Singh.

Vidya Balan is like the fresh seaside breeze. Chirpy, bubbly and a wide innocent smile! She makes you heart smile when she fills the screen. Though I personally feel she suited traditional roles like the one in Parineeta more than the modern Jhanvi(that was a nice screen name). I was mercifully thankful that they did not disrobe her like Preity in Salaame Namaste. I also felt that never ending “Mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmbai” could have been a bit shorter.

The best surprise package of the movie is “Baapu”. I later came to know that the person who played this role –Dilip Prabhavalkar-is a renowned Marathi theatre artiste. Wonder why nobody made a “Gandhi” movie starring him, I think he fits the bill to the T, more than the “Gandhi”Ben Kingsley.

Another real surprise package was the music – it generally happens that when you have these kinda tapori songs, you seldom remember them after you leave the movie hall. But this one stumped me – why else would I be going “Pal Pal” or “Aane Char Aane” from Morn-Eve and till the Mr. got crazy!
“Lage Raho …” has a very very catchy whistle tune and the casual tone of Rathod is simple superb. You can picture Sanju baba in your mind oh!so easily when you listen to this song.
The latest-craze-in-my-life Shreya is captivating as lyrically waltzes in “Pal Pal”. A friend remarked that this is a lift from an old Engligh song – well I am glad Shantanu decided to “lift” it, for I would have missed such a wonderful tune had he decided otherwise. Sonu indeed tends to become “ronu sonu”(the Mr.’s nick name for Sonu) at certain parts in this song. And sometimes he jumps over the edge when he says “Paaal Paal” rolling his tongue a tad too much.
“Aane Char aane” indeed makes me wish I could wear a hawaiian shirt and run around the sands of some beach. A nice jiggly-jig song with a lot of meaningful lyrics.
“Bande Mein” is a nice ode to MKG.

A very very entertaining movie that comes with a wonderful hidden message. Hats off to the director to have thought of such a unique plot. It is not often that you leave the movie hall smiling and at the same time pondering over what the director implanted in your brain. It brings a feeling into me that, if only we tried – nothing is impossible. I really wish somebody would do the feat in a government office (the one the old man struggling to get his pension does).

And ... oooh! Did I miss the "treat" in the movie ... Jr. Bachchan!!! I almost fell off my seat with surprise when I saw him. The look on the Mr.'s face was priceless. All he could say was "Yeh saala yahan bhi pahaunch gaya ... " hee hee .... Boy! I did love "LRM" ...


Anonymous said...

Arshad should've had a longer role, and we could've done with a shorter role for Baapu, though I did like him.. :)
Vidya Balan looks fab, doesnt she? :)

And Baby B.. chod do yaar.. he has also become cameo specialist, peeking through the sehra in almost all movies... :)

Gomathi Sarma said...

I never got a chance to see this movie.. now after reading all this description, I am gonna rush and get the DVD..

Usha said...

I loved the movie too and relived the whole experience while reading this.

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Smiling Girl - yup! even i felt arshad should have been given a bigger role. The MR. always says that about AB - yeh har ek chutku role mein aa jaata hai.

$$ Gomes - you must not miss this movie!

$$ Usha - Thanks for the compliment :)

Hip Grandma said...

I've been hearing good reports of the movie.Will watch it ASAP.

Anonymous said...


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Vidhya Rajesh said...

Hi Rajaram,
Thanks for your comment ... I will surely visit the site and post some ... Though i really doubt if I write that good enuf :)