Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tring Tring! Hello Moto

This post is “OnDemand” for one of my very dearest and long-term-been-always-there-for-me-friend – Sowmya.
Happy Anniversary to you dear – Sorry for goofing up on the date every single year! This is to make up for that!

We – the Mr. and I got our new “Chell” Phones on Thursday last – Moto Razr the talk of the town(I hope it is still the “TOT” – with electronics items you never know how soon one thing gets outdated). My fascination of owning a flip phone goes back very long. When we got our chance to come to the US of A, I had told the Mr. that one day I would get the 0$ (or money return) deal on a good Flip phone. Till date there was absolutely no need for a Cell phone for me, so my dream just lay there in a corner of my heart – till I started driving. Driving in the USA without a cell phone is sorta dangerous. So, one day we decided and ordered ours-after much debating my the Mr. on whether he wanted a Sony Erricson/Blackberry and so on… I was the loyal one – stuck to my black Moto since the very beginning. Here are our phones! Since they both are the same we stuck these stickers on the back for identification – Piglet for the Mr. and Pooh for the Mrs.

About 5 years ago, I was a cell phone hater- for no particular reason. It was during the times that Mobile phones were starting to become a craze in India. Despite the gadget-loving-Appa’s plea’s I refused to take one. The Mr. and I debated the possibility of taking one, as it would be the only means of us keeping in contact (these are pre-marriage times when the Mr.-n-I were at war with parents), but dropped it like a hot iron when I realized that the bills would come home and the hawk-eyed-wont-miss-a-detail appa would question on why I called a certain number in B’lore always. I also thought it to be a waste of money, and unnecessary sophistication. The will-always-wait-for-a-bus-and-not-be-luxirous-taking-an-auto Amma was also on my side.

Soon things were to change! I was given a mobile by my office as part of “Production Support”, and other than “Supporting” my personal needs there was practically no official use put to that 1/20th Kg instrument.
But that showed me how I could receive calls from the Mr. much more easily. Then there was text messaging and those single-rings-to-say-i-miss-you also. So, when I moved to a different project, I felt like an arm was broken when I had to return the cell back. So, a very sweet-will-always-listen-to-you daughter went to the always-an-yes-to-buy-a-new-gadget Dad and chose a Nokia 2100(though there were other models I chose only this because the Mr. also had the same).

Cell Phones changed the world dramatically, as did Internet. It made communication so much easier. There was a time when for months together we could talk to each other, he could not call at my house number and his home did not have a landline! And then during trainings in office, you did not have a seat number also. And then there came a time – as soon as I got onto the office bus – I gave a single ring and got a call back pronto and the 35 mintues of journey to office just flew by. For almost 2 years I was known as the girl-always-on-phone on Route#10.


Sowmya said...

Thanks a lott dear for your wonderful wishes... You did'nt have to make it up this way :D)

anyways, take care,


Venu Nemani said...

Hey Vidhya,

Even now I dont like cell phones except for the fact that it is an absolute necessary for me and Sirisha to communicate. I don't understand how people wear them on their belt 24/7 or stick that bluetooth device as if it was their ear ring. Inspite of all the dislike, I think it is a great device which make lot of things easy in my life. The coolest thing was I used my cell phone to send a text message to Sirisha for the first time in my life last week because I was in a class and couldn't get out to take her call. That was neat.


Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Sowmya - Beleive me it was a pleasure making up this way ;)

$$Venu - There are many a times that I felt you think so similar to how I do/Rajesh does :) ... It would be great to meet you :D ... Well, i felt exactly about the cell, was sooo lazy to carry it all around - my dad would suggest buying that "leash" you can hang around your neck! But had it not been for the cell, Rajesh and me would have never had a lot of those very important-much-needed talks during our troubled times!

Gomathi Sarma said...

Congrats on ur new cell phone. I am also having a razr one.. got a silver.. but I have a black coat for it. So it looks as good as black one.

My role was otherway. I always loved to have the cell phone with me.. doing bandha in the busses talking to friends and relatives. ....till my bill shoots up so high.

Its over last 2 yrs that I hate this stuff, more because I get official calls everynow and then .. no matter where I am.

This is one reason, I decided that my cell phone this time should be self-phone :)

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$Gomes - Same pinnnnnnnch!!!