Friday, September 15, 2006

Thanks & An Apology

My Second class of Swimming yesterday was much better than the first one. We arrived a bit early, so that I could mentally prepare myself. I was able to get inside the water and go in completely without fear and able to float holding the wall/ the instructor's hands/the Mr.'s hands :)... There is one elderly lady who is one of the instructors. She is such a dear (I need to ask her name next time around). She gives me so much encouragement and if I just do a small thing fine - she praises me, gives a good smile and urges me on to try more. Oh! Thanks to god for sending such wonderful people on earth.

Many of you blogger friends and other friends have sent me so many encouraging mails/comments on my post. Thanks to all of you for the support - it makes a world of difference to me to receive those words of support from you.

I would like to write a note of apology - maybe I was a bit harsh on commenting about Ms J in my last post - but then I was miffed by the way she commented on my attire, so I guess being a human I was not entirely wrong in getting angry at her - anyways, I want to mention that she was sweet to me yesterday. She did not laugh at me when she saw that I was not even able to float when she could oh-so easily! And instead offered me her glasses and suggested me some small ways that would help me overcome my fear. She is indeed a dear too! So, this apology goes to you Ms. J for the "Sprinting" joke.

I am a sort of person who has very low confidence on herself. All my life- appa and amma had to keep telling me to do something- they would know I can top an exam, or win in a roller skating competition, or manage on my own in a new country - but I would never have the confidence. After marriage, the Mr. took over that "Job" and is great at it. I was scared to tell about the swimming classes to my in-laws wondering how they would react - and was so happy to see them also urging me to go. I feel I am terrifically lucky to have such good people all around me. I think it is high time - instead of being an idiot - I get some confidence in myself, look upon my past to see how I achieved small things or big and go on to learn swimming well !


tejas said...

I had also thought of learning swimming.

But somehow I am bit aquaphobic.

The max I can do is hang in 4ft of water like a buffalo in a pond. :)

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Tejas - You should try it. It is something nice to learn and keep in your kitty :)

leena said...

even i have joined swimming class,
plzz guide me.
what should we wear, suit or tight shorts?is suit a must in USA

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Leena - well as such there is no particular attire needed for swimming in the US , but it just does not feel so fine if you are dressed completely here - you can find nice long and tight shorts and very modest tops - try in any sports shop they are better than the usual garment stores. Hope this helps!