Friday, September 08, 2006


Two days of the week I really love are Friday and Sunday. When you wake up on a Friday morning, it gives such a exhilarating feeling to know that just 8 or 9 hours later you will be free of this hell-hole called Office for the next 24 hours or more J. And when it is a long weekend (ie. Monday also a holiday) ; then Fridays are all the more beautiful. The Office is almost empty by afternoon, lines in the lunch room are non-existing, you can see the white lines separating the blocks in parking lot – which otherwise you would never even know exists, by 4 even the most workaholic in the office comes over for a chat remarking that the minutes hand in her watch is inching ever so slow, after much hemming and hawing you break the restraint – throwing the 8-1/2 hour rule out of the window and rush out into freedom! Almost every other routine that is set-up for the other 4 days is broken. No Gym also J. If there is work to be done also, I cannot sit for a second after 5 on Fridays – I would rather finish it up over the weekend, but the mind simply cannot be coerced into finishing it on a Friday evening.

My Friday evenings are mostly spent waiting on one foot (then on the other after some time) for the Mr. to arrive, often accompanied with a zillion calls to his cell to demand why he is still working - at 5 on a Friday evening. We shove all problems into the our office cabinets and chat happily while going home to enjoy a hot cup of chai with assorted items – biscuits , murukku, pori-mixture combo, or a paratha, or a sandwich – while making plans for the weekend – which always ends up undone. I love making a list of To-Dos for the weekend and crossing off things as they get done.

Eating out on Fridays is almost like a ritual, unless there are zillions of left –overs in the fridge. I simple cannot make myself to cook something on a Friday evening. Most friends here catch up a movie on this evening. Unfortunately for my Migrane, we cannot afford this luxury.

I hate getting any “bad” official/otherwise news on Fridays. Somehow I feel that they are acceptable on any other day, but it is too cruel to be getting them on a Friday. A Friday evening is almost like the auspicious puja done at the beginning of any new venture(the weekend in this case).

I am Glad today is Friday … Aren’t you?


Usha said...

AS a banker I worked on saturdays and sometimes i used to work in sunday working branches which meant monday was the weekly holiday. I always feel fascinated with the TGIF syndrome and still cant figure out what the big deal is. I suppose in todays busy life, that is the only day working people get to wind down without having to think of next day's work or is it because that is the time one gets for family and bonding - Interesting!

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Usha - I think I know what you are talking of. My amma was also in the bank and she never felt anyday was as good as Sunday (luckily there was no Sunday working when she was with the bank)... I think it is more with this generation that TGIF is a great thing, because of the variety of entertainment modes that we guys have access to!
And more so because I am the lazy kind who would love it if somebody gave me my paycheck without having to go to office for 5 days!