Monday, September 11, 2006


I am not going to write anything about the above headline in general. It is just about how this became the “Season Smartie”. This phrase is a patented coin by the Mr. If something has had absolutely no significance to your life for ages, and in an hour/day/week it achieves the utmost attention that there is nothing more than you can talk about – it is called “Season Smartie”- as was socialization in our lives.

The weekend was splendiferous. For about a month, I have been cribbing to the Mr. with the obvious lack of socialization in our lives – who maintains that THAT is the last of his worries. And it was this particular activity that hung over us like a warm blanket for the last 2 and quarter days.

It all started on Friday evening. Sometimes, for ages you try to meet up with a friend/colleague and it never works out and then suddenly out of the blue it happens in the most unexpected of times. For ages, we have been planning to meet up with Preethi and Ganesh, who just live about 10 houses away from us, and it never happened. On this day, Preethi took a lift from us and I asked her home for tea – and she cameJ. For about an hour and hour, we sat there blissfully – the three of us – discussing this and that – it was certainly a very enjoyable beginning to the weekend. Thereupon we rushed to dinner at a Thai restaurant – which served the world’s best Veg. fried Rice (according to me only) before they closed for the day.

Saturday began well. The match between Federer and Davy davydenko was like a damp squib. Wonder how a player like Davy could even make it to the Semis – guess he got lucky at the drawings. Anyway, I was happy that Federer won. As the commentator rightly put, he had 1 hour 40 minutes of tennis practiceJ. The match in the latter part of the day – Roddick vs Youzhny was SOMETHING. I almost disliked Youzhny because he put a stop to Nadal’s progress to the finals, but this match changed all my opinions. I simply started liking this guy as did the American crowd who were seated enjoying this marathon game between two tigers on Saturday evening. He put up a good fight against Andy Roddick and did not give up even until the end. Towards the end, he would start cheering his own good shot, which humoured the crowd a lot. When Federer took on Blake, an American, the patriotic crowd would hardly clap for a shot played by Federer – but today it was an entirely different story! Youzhany probably got better appreciation than Roddick!

This day was also the time to meet new friends – Monica and Prasad (the former is a new colleague of mine). We caught up with another couple (old friends) and had a wonderful game of bowling. The game bowling is a wonderful thing I think – it can be played by just anybody – no age/sex bar. Almost anybody I know of likes it. The six of us gelled so well, that we wanted more of the company – and proceeded to make plans for the next day. As soon as we came home, we rushed to the laptop and were mightly pleased to hear the news of Sharapova’s win. The pleasurable evening had a good end!

Sunday saw us laughing till our end’s split, and crying from the heart at the same time in Novi – while watching “Lage Raho Munnabhai” (more on this in another post). It was a after a long time, we felt, that we had seen a really splendid Hindi movie – maybe the best after RDB(I liked Fanaa – but that was because I like Aamir and Kajol). The icing on the cake was when we found that there were absolutely no detours on M-24 and 696. There has never been a time in the past, when I have taken either of these two roads and not landed on a detour. We ended the weekend watching the match of the season – Federer Vs Roddick. After a slow start by losing the first set, Roddick came back with such ferocity in his shots that I was almost sure Federer was out. But then I realized, it is not just good serves or good forehands that make a champion – it is something more than that – called Consistency. Winning a game is not about hitting sharp swift returns or driving a couple of aces – it is the ability to turn a losing shot into a winning one and being consistent about winning! And that is what federer displaying. Almost at the brink of losing, he turned the rackets(sorry tables) forcing Andy to accept that he, Roger is the BEST. If only Roddick had changed his game style according to the need; as often as he changed his 3 T-Shirts. Hee Hee (evil grin!)

There is a saying – Bhagwan jab deta hai Chappar phaad ke deta hain! Couldn’t be truer! After quite some time, I had a good weekend – one satisfying in many ways; and the tomato that refused to turn Red for all those weeks when the sun was shining brightly found this rainy and gloomy weekend to turn Red. Ah! the ways of God Almighty!


Hip Grandma said...

we're in for some hectic socialisation too.

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Hip Grandma - You bet :D ...