Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Lures of the Tinselworld

Two of my favourite film stars, in Tamil industry, got married to each other yesterday – Surya and Jyothika. Ever Since I came to know of the “Kissu-Kissu” between them, I was kinda hoping this would be the end. The Mr. says I cannot understand why you are excited about their wedding/ love affair. Well, neither can I explain, but that is that! And, I was so happy to receive umpteen numbers of forwards with their wedding snaps. Somehow they felt RIGHT together. Jo, was looking much beautiful at her wedding, than she ever looked in any of her movies (Oh! I forgot … she was absolutely stunning in Kaakha Kaakha).

I remember having got a forward, or read about it somewhere on the Net – I am not sure, a photo of Ajay Devgan and Kajol. They are also such a nice couple I feel.
Another couple I rooted for was Junior B and Rani. Somewhere in the between there was some gossip about their link up and then it all fizzled out. I was so disappointed when those rumours about Junior B and Aish came up. I wished of all the people he did not marry that snooty, nothing-but-a-pretty-face-yet-world-famous model (can’t bring myself up to call her an actress).

Hmm… Sometimes I find myself being silly about these interests in the Filmdom. But then again, I feel – I am okay. Talking of all these brings back good old memories. While in college, I was made the “Reading Room Representative” of our LH(ladies hostel) in final year. Well, this honorable position had nothing to do in contribution to the improvement of reading abilities of the inmates, not taking care that there was proper and impartial distribution of the magazines that were delivered every month to me – it only had to do with the fact that after about 20 days into the month, I was at liberty to tear up all the posters that I wanted from Filmfare & Stardust and stick it on the walls of my room. And this I did religiously for a year. It was so heart rending when I had to leave the college and that room of mine , my ‘work of art’ – I took off some of my most favorite (believe me it was really tough to choose a few among those treasured clip-arts) clippings and have them still stuck on my scrap book!

The two large posters of Shah Rukh (when in the world did I ever like him – I cannot even recall – I must have been really insane then) and Aamir Khan (my chudli loo favorite actor) ,and the tiny one of Madhu kutty(Madhavan) on the walls of my room at home endured years of abuse from Appa – who would chide me for not growing up at all – and finally had to give in when the room was painted.

Someday, when I settle down in life in a house of my own, I am going to put back those posters up on the wall again. Maybe my kid would give me a helping hand.


sirisha-my-thoughts said...

Yeah quite identify with U in this regards, my "cant-blink-my-eyes" when I watch anything to do with movies/actors and Shiva's "who's-this-girl" look even when the said actress (or something like that) happens to be Ash.

Vidhya Rajesh said...

$$ Sirisha - Hmph! Men are so boring ... Hey! don't know if you remember this - we had put up Mela poster in front of our room in CB and Sunnu and me took a photo hugging the poster - Rajesh always laughs when he looks at the poster!